Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun and Fashionable Finds for a Super Cute and Awesome Nephew

So I only see my year and a half old nephew Jasper once in a while as he lives across the country in Colorado and here I am in Baltimore. But when I do see him, I have to say he is one pretty awesome kid. I am not by any means a person that loves babies or even kids under three, but how can you resist a rowdy little guy with crazy bright blond hair? (I am sure my sister feels otherwise about that rowdy part at times).

The past few weeks I've been browsing Etsy for some fun stuff to send his way. Despite the distance, I can't help but want to be the aunt that spoils him just a little bit. I really do mean a little bit too, considering that if I bought everything that I saw on a whim, I would be broke. Last weekend I found this fun guitar t-shirt from Pony and Poppy. Amy, the shop owner was super awesome and even included a little note from Aunt Heidi. My sister got the tee a few days ago and said that Jasper loves his new shirt.

Here are a few more graphic styled fashionable finds for rowdy little dudes like Jasper. Enjoy!

Etch A Sketch Robot Tee from Rock River Tees
Fox Long Sleeved Organic Shirt by Wren Willow
Beaver Strikes Back Lightsaber Tee by Happy Family

Monday, March 7, 2011

Architectural Salvage Wine Stoppers

My chair project was put off this past weekend due to rainy weather. I've been doing most of the work outside on my back deck since it involves sanding and finishing, or inevitably sawdust and stain fumes. So instead I decided to work on another upcycling project.

There are several wonderful architectural salvage warehouses in Baltimore. My favorite is Second Chance which is not just one, but I believe five huge warehouses nestled between M&T Bank Stadium, I-95, and some railroad tracks. What I love about Second Chance is that they have a different warehouse for different subcategories of architectural salvage. One warehouse, for example, is all furniture and stained glass. Another is doors, windows, and the like. A third, and perhaps often most interesting, is architectural elements. This warehouse features anything from old tin ceiling panels to beautiful stair railings to antique walk in refrigerators.

The last time I went to Second Chance, I spent some time sorting through old vintage door knobs and cabinet knobs. All of the different knobs were so much fun that I bought them on a whim knowing that I would surely find a project that would work with them. I eventually decided to turn these lovely knobs into cork wine stoppers. After purchasing the corks, I used the vintage knobs paired with a copper plumbing cap to create my finished product. These particular wine stoppers are currently listed on my Etsy shop. For now, enjoy the wine stoppers in the photos below!

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