Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Classy TV

We don't watch a lot of tv, but when we do, we like to class it up a bit. No, I'm not talking about Downton Abbey (yes, we do watch that too, and yes, it's totally classy). I'm talking about Moonshiners. Seriously. There is nothing that says classy better than reality tv shows that require subtitles in order for the viewers to understand English.

For those of you that aren't in the know, Moonshiners is only one of the best shows out there. It encompasses all sorts of things that are right down our alley. We like to home brew, they make moonshine (ok, maybe one is legal and the other isn't). We love a good laugh, the show is pretty funny. We're a bit obsessed with history related stuff, and there's plenty of that too.

The general premise of the show is that it follows a few Appalachian moonshiners in their attempts to make moonshine. At the same time, the show follows the local police authorities in their attempts to catch moonshiners. Ah, good stuff!

Here's a little glimpse of my favorite characters Jim Tom and Tickle.

I mean, how can you not like a guy with that sort of name? And the box of crap part? Andrew and I died. Died! We almost fell off the couch from laughing.

Do you have any guilty pleasure tv shows?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sponsor in February

Now is the time of month when I get on my knees and beg for you to hang out on my sidebar and be featured on my blog. ;) Ok, so not really, but I would love to have you as a sponsor this month! I'm super excited about my blog this February as it has grown leaps and bounds in the past month with page views nearly tripling that of December. I have some fabulous posts planned coming up in February and would love to promote some of you as well. So, if you're interested in sponsoring, feel free to check out my sponsor page. Looking forward to another fabulous month! :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am the cookie maker in my family. Well, I guess that's sort of a lie because my mom and sister both make cookies too, but recently it seems that when my family has gotten together around the holidays they look forward to my cookies-- especially the ginger molasses and white chocolate chip cookies. This past holiday season was no exception. I made both recipes, wrapped them in cookie tins, and packed the tins up in our luggage we took with us on our way to Colorado.

I would be lying if I weren't to say that the white chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. When baked just perfectly, they have almost a brownie-like texture. And I always choose to use really good white chocolate (none of that Nestle white chocolate chip crap!) which I'm almost certain makes this cookie just that good. During our stay in Colorado, one bite into a chocolate cookie, my sister asked me if she could have my recipe and I promised her that I would write a blog post about them. A month passed and I still hadn't written the blog post, so finally, today, I am sharing it with you all. However, this one especially goes out to my sister!

  • 2 1/4 cup flour
  • 2/3 cup cocoa (I use Hershey's)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup of soft butter (2 sticks)
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 pound (16oz) white chocolate (I used Lindt white chocolate bars chopped into smaller pieces or Ghirardelli white chocolate chips)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter, sugar, and brown sugar together until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Stir in baking cocoa. While continuing to mix, slowly add in flour, salt, and soda until you have a smooth consistency and the flour is fully incorporated. Finally, slowly stir in white chocolate by the handful, until it has been evenly distributed within the dough.

Once the cookie dough is ready, scoop tablespoon sized amounts of dough onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. If you want the cookies to turn out perfectly round, I use my palms to make the dough into a sphere. Once the cookie sheet if filled, bake cookies for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, rotate the baking sheet in the oven and bake for 4 more minutes. After the 4 minutes is up, take the cookies out of the oven and let them cool on the baking sheet for two minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack. I have found these times to be perfect for a moist and delicious cookie. Letting the cookies cool on the baking sheet for those two extra minutes is huge as well!

I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as I do! Let it be known that I ate the last two while I wrote this blog post! ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Card-Folding Interns and Buttheads

Let's talk about how I've been a little absent in this blog world lately. How I'm not going to apologize because I was kicking some ass while I was gone. I just happened to notice that I have some new readers, so it only seemed fair that I give them a blog post so they don't have to return to my stuffed peppers recipe on the daily and wish that they hadn't followed my blog after all.

So hi, new readers! I am happy to have you and I promise I am normally more entertaining. However, like I was saying, I was busy kicking some ass. And by kicking some ass, I mean making Valentine's Day cards like nobody's business AND baking cookies as if there was a chocolate chip surplus. You see, I needed to finish all of my ridiculous amounts of cute butt orders, but I also needed to make 12 dozen cookies for my students for their middle school dance. And it needed to happen in one night.

How do I manage to pull this off, you might ask? I decided to hire my trusty card-folding intern, Andrew.
He folded cards and I baked cookies. And then he still folded cards and I made more cards. I'm lucky he decided to come back to work for my design firm after I was a total butthead to him the other night. I was tired, cranky, and just wanted to sleep and he messed up the tiniest thing. So I was a butthead. Plus, considering that I stole his copyrighted design, I'm surprised he was willing to sign a new contract. Apparently 25 cents per card idea was not enough, so I upped it to 26 cents. His wallet will be padded in no time.

By now, you all are wondering what I'm talking about and wish you hadn't followed because you think I am crazy. Trust me, it gets better. Remember that copyrighted design I was talking about? Well it just so happens that my card-folding intern was a butthead to me a few nights ago. He decided to apologize with this beautiful specimen.
That P.S. You do cards way better part was a challenge. When I was a butthead to my card-folding intern the next night, it only seemed appropriate that I take him up on his challenge and follow up with this:
Some of you may realize that I have a history with fart cards. I mean, let's face it, farts are kind of funny. You know I couldn't pass up a great opportunity to put a farting butt on a head. This bad boy will in fact be making an appearance in the shop--- for real.

And now that I've lost all of my new readers because they think I am gross, I should probably conclude this wonderful post by letting you all know that I actually have a winner of a giveaway from last week. I was supposed to announce this on Wednesday, but you all now know why that didn't happen. Sooooooo.... congratulations Edi! You are the winner of the Milo and Molly giveaway! I'll be emailing you shortly!

And to everyone else, have an amazing weekend and happy Friday! Woot woot! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

I must have jinxed us because right after I wrote about it feeling like spring in the middle of January, a cold snap arrived and it was a lovely 21 degrees today with a wind chill of 8. Brrrrrrrr. I don't know about you, but you'd think I could handle this weather after spending five years of my life in snowy, cold Syracuse, New York. However, I've acclimated to balmier temperatures of the south (ok, more like mid-Atlantic) here in Baltimore and I, quite frankly, don't have time to mess around with weather like this!

Last night, we wanted a meal that would warm us up and stick to our ribs. Being in full swing of Valentine season and the shop being busier than ever, I also needed something that I could throw together quickly for dinner. Having bought a ton of green peppers at the grocery store the other day, we decided to go with stuffed peppers. They definitely hit the spot!

  • 4 large green bell peppers, cored and hallowed out
  • 1/2 pound ground beef
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked white rice
  • one small onion, diced
  • one clove of garlic, minced
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • a few dashes of cayenne
  • 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Hallow out green peppers and set aside. Prepare your rice (about 3/4 cup dry rice will make 1 1/2 cups cooked). While rice is cooking, brown the ground beef along with the onion and garlic. Add spices to ground beef mixture. When rice is cooked, stir rice into ground beef mixture. Using a large spoon, fill green peppers with filling. Top off green peppers with cheddar cheese and place peppers upright in a baking dish. Bake for 25-35 minutes at 350. Peppers should be soft and tender and cheese should just be browning when the are finished. Serve with a dollop of sour cream (and a decent glass of red wine if you're like me!).

What recipes have you been enjoying lately?

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Style: Spring in January

Top - Gap // Cardigan - Express // Jean - Worn // Scarf - Gift // Shoes - Nine West // Bag - Steve Madden

It's hard not to want to do a little dance when the sun is out and it is 60 degrees.... in January. Something about this weather made us want to do it all this weekend. And we most certainly did do it all. The weekend was made complete with a date night on Friday, a Home Depot run, watching the Syracuse basketball game with a friend on Saturday, a trip to the architectural salvage yard, some "spring" cleaning, homemade pizza, and of course Downton Abbey. Not to mention all of the other odds and ends that we were able to sneak in somehow or other. I'm telling you, spring-like temperatures in the middle of January are practically like a whole new lease on life.

Anyone else able to enjoy a beautiful weekend like us? What did you get accomplished this weekend?

P.S. There are still a couple days left to enter into an awesome giveaway! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Had An Awesome Post Idea And Failed

Some days I just can't do it all. Those are the days where I have about five million card orders and my grades are due for second semester all at the same time. So then I stay up ridiculously late making cards and grading tests and all of that awesome stuff. Either way, blog posts become less important. So even if I have written on my calendar "Design Inspiration: Super Awesome Packaging Concepts" and have everything together for the post, I still decide to say screw that!

And then because I'm a creative genius, I decide to show off my awesome shoes that I got at the Nine West outlet over the weekend. Yes, not one pair, but four pairs. I have a problem and I'm not afraid to admit it.

That's only three of them. The other pair is like the second one shown, but silver instead. How Andrew let me buy two pairs of the same shoes, but in different colors I just don't know. I think I told him something like, "You know how you have five of the same Old Navy t-shirts, but they're all in different colors? You have to have a bunch of different colors because that t-shirt is so comfortable." I think he then stared at his phone and nodded. Seriously, why hasn't Nine West started giving me pairs of shoes to review on this blog? I feel like I've reached VIP status with them and I'm not getting any love. (Kidding, kidding. Or maybe not.)

Worst of all, I thought admitting that you have a problem was the first step to recovery. Meanwhile, I've admitted my shoe problem many a time before and I am not anywhere close to being on my way to recovery, or even willing to be on that road for that matter.

Then after I tell you for the five millionth time about my shoe addiction, I have to think of other ways to waste your time and entertain you all at once. That's when BuzzFeed helps me out because they came up with this little gem.

I thought those were funny too. Especially numbers eight and sixteen. I mean, I think I'm pretty funny, don't you? ;)

Also, now that I've sent you off to some link in cyber world, now would be a good time to send you to an awesome giveaway that you should enter. I'm pretty sure you like winning stuff. Doesn't everyone?

And just when you thought this post was finally over....

Ok, just kidding. That really was it. And now you know how things go down when I say screw it to cool design inspiration posts. Not good my friends. Not good at all.

How is everyone else doing these days out in blog land? Anyone else feeling super busy or stretched thin these days?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Giveaway ::: Milo and Molly

In this big old blog world that we're all a part of, I've made a few friends here and there (surprising, right?). My blog friends are pretty much awesome-- they help keep me motivated in terms of creativity, encourage me in what I love doing, give some pretty awesome advice, and tell me when my cards are funny (even if they're not).

Kristen is one of those awesome people. We started our Etsy shops and blogs roughly around the same time. In the grand scheme of things, it's pretty crazy to say that I've known Kristen (and some others out there!) for two years! Kristen and I both started out with paper, but her shop, Milo and Molly, has now branched out to something I've always wish I was better at using as a medium-- fabric.

Here's what Kristen has to say about her shop and blog--

Milo and Molly the shop features colorful handmade sewn items and personalized stationery perfect for gifting.  There's a little something for everyone- bib sets and blankets for babies, crayon rolls for kids, clutches, pincushions, and hoop art for women, and paper goods for the whole family.  Milo and Molly the blog gives a little bit of insight into my life and things I'm creating for the shop, recipes, family life, as well as highlighting some wonderful handmade finds from other shops.  

I'm kind of obsessed with her ridiculously cute pin cushions, but one of my newest favorites are her Valentine's hoops.

And lucky for you, Kristen is giving away one of her new Valentine's hoops and a month of large ad space to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter via the fancy schmancy Rafflecopter below (sorry, giveaway only applies to those in the U.S. and Canada!) and check back next week to see if you happen to be the lucky winner!

And don't forget to stop by and say hi to Kristen!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lumineers vs Gangsta Rap

This is a story that happened last month, but I just can't shake it. You see, in Baltimore there are some things that you just get used to. Crazy cracked out lady walking down the street yelling "Stop! You're scaring me! Stop! I'm scared!" on the Fourth of July while people are shooting off fireworks? Yup, that's nothing.

Lady across the street waking you up at 3am from yelling, "Uhn uh, she just done disrespected me!" and then proceeds to say the same thing five million times as loud as she can to anyone that will listen including the cops that showed up because another neighbor was sick of listening to her? Not unusual.

Ditzy college girls walking back from the bar, drunk, and announcing that they're going to pee on your sidewalk so you get up to bang on your bedroom window to let them know you heard what they just said? Yup, definitely happened once.

The things that happen after midnight on our street are sort of typical Baltimore things. Until one night....

I shot straight up in bed and looked at the clock. 12:57am to be exact. And yes, what I tweeted was true. Clear as a bell (except for the fuzzy sound of speakers that were working much too hard) I hear the Lumineers. Blasting. So loud that it woke me up.

Excuse me? HUH??????? Is this truly what I was hearing?!?! I was so shocked that it wasn't gangsta rap that I literally thought I was dreaming and had to pinch myself. Then I nudged Andrew awake from his deep sleep and asked, "Do you hear that? Is that REALLY what I am hearing or is this just a dream?!" We both listened for a second and then laid in bed laughing before finally falling back asleep.

Now normally I would be mad. "Stupid car! I don't want to hear your stupid music with your stupid cuss words and your stupid pounding bass! I'm trying to sleep!" is the normal response when my windows are rattling from gangsta rap bass beats.

But this! This was just too much! I mean honestly all I could think was 1) Who blasts the Lumineers? Ever? At all? and 2) Who blasts the Lumineers???

As bizarre as it was (clearly, because I am still thinking about this a month later!) I can tell you, if I had to choose Lumineers or gangsta rap, I'd choose Lumineers every time.

I mean, would you prefer this (I apologize for the explicit nature of the video, but needed to make my point)--

Or this--

At one in the morning while you're trying to sleep? I think the answer is clear.

And NOW I think I have officially seen and heard everything in Charm City.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Retreat

As this past weekend neared, I found myself stressing out over being away from my shop for the weekend. This is truly busy season for me, and it just so happens that busy season is busier than it ever has been this year. I spend a large majority of my weekends working on fulfilling orders and keeping up with this blog, so an entire weekend away seemed more stressful than working all weekend. Really counter-intuitive thought process, I know, yet so true.

Andrew was determined that I would have a good weekend anyway. We had made plans several months ago to have a ski weekend in western Maryland with a large group of friends, so he reminded me that what had been arranged should be taken full advantage of. I felt a little less stressed out once we arrived at the house we had rented and I was finally forced to slow down.

Due to unusually warm temperatures, I felt less motivated to go skiing so I relaxed in the lodge on Saturday, reading my book, while the others skied. Sunday, feeling the itch to get outside in the 60 degree weather, we decided to go hiking. We took an trail that led up to an old coal mine site and through some hunting grounds where we found bullet-riddled signs and gorgeous views of the mountains and Deep Creek Lake. Streams of water were running through the mountains from newly melted snow and bright green moss was peaking its way out for some daylight. It truly felt like sping, oddly enough.

It wasn't the Rocky Mountain view we experienced a few weeks ago, nor was it anything like hiking in the strenuous terrain of the Tetons that we are often used to, but somehow the Appalachians still were just as fabulous. Maybe it was because I had finally decided to let go of what was stressing me out and really take everything in, even if just for a short weekend.

P.S. Thank you all so much for your touching words and comments on Friday! It was truly amazing to know how many of you support me and are behind me in pursuing what I love! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Friday, January 11, 2013

They Aren't Pipe Dreams

Last week I mentioned something while I shared my goals with you-- something that has been really bothering me the last few months. I mentioned the fact that a lot of people in my life (real world, not virtual world) don't seem to take my design business seriously. I'm not really sure what their reasoning is, but I get a lot of nods, blank stares, and laughs when I mention anything about my greeting cards and stationery. One person even stated, "Haha! You sell just ONE card to people?! Who buys just ONE card online?!"

I am a teacher now, but I always knew I wasn't meant to teach forever. I've always been a creative person and a free spirit and, quite honestly, teaching in a public school system doesn't cater to either of those qualities. I come from a family in which my mother and father are both artists and have their own businesses. They never had the office jobs or the standard professions that people in today's society seem to assume we must have in order to be taken seriously. This is not weird to me. It is normal. However, this is the only reasoning I can see as to why these people doubt me so much when I talk about my business.

I can tell I'm soon going to be ready to move on. That looks kind of scary when I see it in writing, but in reality I've told this to many people (including my assistant principal-- this isn't breaking news in case someone from school were to stumble upon this). I've just been feeling the itch.

I believe in myself. I know I can sustain myself (once I've paid off all of those pesky student loans). I just wish everyone around me would believe in me too. My parents, sister, and of course Andrew are behind me completely. Yet some days I still feel like the little kid that tells an adult that when they grow up they want to accomplish big things only to have the adult steer them in a different direction or suggest an alternate choice. I almost want to be that kid and yell back, "They aren't pipe dreams!"

I decided to hang this print in my studio from Pen & Paint. It spoke to me for several reasons. 1) The vibrancy of the colors and the sketch itself is inspiring. 2) It reminds me that I AM going to do this. This is not some sort of silly pipe dream. Every day I tell Andrew, "I am going to have an awesome blog" or "I am going to sell ten of these cards in a week" or a general "I'm totally going to kick some ass today!"

And then I do it.

I do it because I know that I can. I've decided that it is going to happen and so it happens. And If I know I can make it happen, then friends, family, and other people around me, please encourage me. It's a rough road having only a few people on your side and sometimes you can use all of the extra motivation that you can get!

Does anyone else ever feel alone in their ambitions? Or feel as though they are not being taken seriously? What do you do to keep yourself motivated and on track to accomplish your dreams?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Staying Positive for the New Year

Never before have I felt more motivated to make some things happen in my life. Maybe it's partly the new year, but I'm trying to ride on this motivation as much as possible these days. It is hard to always stay positive, but I think that's really been the key in continuing to feel as though I can take on the world. A little more than a week into this new year, I've found a few things that have helped to keep me going.

1. Take control of your life. It is so easy to not do things just because you don't feel like doing them. I've often fallen into that rut where I told myself that I couldn't get something accomplished when it was such a simple task. I've been spending a lot more time telling myself that if it is something that I am physically or mentally able to do then I have absolutely no excuse, even if it pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone.
2. Find one thing to do for yourself each day. These might be simple things, but it has helped to either give me a few moments to relax or keep me motivated. One day I made myself a cup of tea, changed into sweat pants, and just sat and relaxed in a comfy chair for a good while with nothing else to worry about. I set a reminder on my phone to help me remember that Thursday will now be coffee shop day and that I will be leaving school right away on that day. I've made myself turn off for the 25 minutes during my lunch break to read a book. These things are definitely helping!
 3. Pay a compliment toward someone once a day. It'll make you feel so much better! Instead of dwelling just on your own life or the negative things happening around you it will help you focus on the positives. And you never know what could come from making someone's day!

4. Take a step toward at least one of your goals. New Year's resolutions are kind of like bullies. They make you feel bad all of the time and then you just want to curl up in a ball and never do anything again. I set goals instead of resolutions because I felt as though they were more manageable and would be something I could work toward and still feel good about. I have a daily planner that I use to help me out with this. I'm such a list maker that I have one for school and one for my blog and business. I list everything that I want to get done and in the end get to feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross it off the list.
5. Plan like crazy. It is nearly impossible to stay positive about what you want to accomplish if don't don't know what or how you're going to accomplish things. Make a plan with a timeline in terms of when things will get done. Break bigger goals into smaller tasks and chip away at them over a few days, weeks, or months. I tend to use a daily planner for this as well. I like to have a month calendar in which I can plot out what I'm going to get done over time, and then I use the daily section for my to do lists as mentioned before. Think ahead in terms of what you want to get done. For example, I started planning my Valentine's Day line at the beginning of December knowing that I wanted it to be finished by the beginning of January. It then became a priority to work on this new goal a little bit each day.

These things may seem simple, but they have really been helping me stay positive and motivated so far. I really hope that this will help you as well if you needed an extra little push to get something done!

How do stay motivated? Have you been able to stick to your goals so far?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hearty Beef Stew for Winter

I struggle with winter. Definitely struggle. I don't want to get out of bed because it is cold and dark. And I don't want to leave the house because I know my hands and toes won't be warm again for the rest of the day as soon as that cold air hits. As much as I would love to be a lazy homebody and stay in all day in these chilly months, we all know that's not realistic. Instead I opt for cooking to warm me up, and thankfully there are a few recipes that let me be a little lazy as well.

One of my favorites is a quick to prepare beef stew that is perfect for a hearty evening meal. I'm not a big fan of using the crock pot for everything as I think it tends to make things a little mushy. However, stew is one of those things that I definitely like to use it for. The end result is super moist beef and tender vegetables.
1 pound of beef (I get the pre-cut stewing beef at the grocery)
3 potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks
2 carrots, cut into large chunks
1 stalk of celery, sliced
1 onion, cut into wedges
1 large can of whole cooked tomatoes
1/4 cup flour
2 cups vegetable or beef broth
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 bay leaf

Wash and prepare vegetables. In a crock pot, mix beef cubes with flour, salt, and pepper until beef is fully coated. Add remaining ingredients to the crock pot and stir ingredients until well mixed. Cover and cook on low for 10-12 hours or on high for 4-6 hours.

What winter weather recipes have you been cooking lately?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'll Follow That With Something Awesome

You know what guys? You all are pretty awesome. You know how to make a girl blush with your lovely comments on yesterday's post despite my crazy faces (I especially like the eyes squinted shut face). So thank you, thank you! I personally would struggle leaving such lovely comments for a person that makes crazy faces.

Case in point. This happens to be my super bored and overly zoned out during lunch face. Also known as my, why is my lunch only 25 minutes long face. I feel like I've got a new blog post idea here. Tomorrow will be the screaming at kids when they can't find their assignment face. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

So moving on to bigger and better things. And that's what I'm listening to these days. (Crap. I probably just lost a few of you now. Eh, why am I kidding myself? I probably lost you after that zoned out face photo.) You see, Andrew did well this Christmas in the music department as he usually does. He gave me not one, not two, not three, but four new albums for my own enjoyment.  All albums were ones that I had wanted. He only forgot one, which we later went to pick up at the record store this past Friday night.

I know in this day and age I should be listening to everything on my iPod, iPhone, Spotify, computer, or whatever electronic device you can name, but I'm a music nerd that actually needs the album. I'd been listening to several of these albums on Spotify and 1) I felt like I was ripping off the artist and felt so guilty I couldn't sleep at night and 2) I need liner notes. Need them.

Either way, here are some of the songs that have been getting a lot of play from each of the albums I've been listening to lately. Hope you enjoy as a little Tuesday pick me up! :)

What have you been listening to lately?

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Style: Tall Goofball

Tank Top - F21 / Sweater - Free People / Jeans - Gap / Booties - Nine West / Accessories - Nordstrom

There are two things that you should know. 1) I am tall. 2) I am a goofball.

Let's start with number one. 5'10" to be exact. And 6'1" with the booties. I have a tendency to bump my head while getting into the car, especially when I'm wearing heels. It's just one of those things that happens. I laugh about it in the moment. Andrew makes fun of me about it for the next week. You know, the usual.

Now for number two. I have a hard time being serious. My sarcasm is a constant. When I laugh, I cackle. And I bend over to keep myself from falling over from laughing so hard. I like to make weird faces. I am known by my students for my weird faces-- one for every situation that could possibly exist.

So I guess all that just to say that I'm a tall, goofball. And you're welcome for those last two photos.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter vs Summer

While on our trip to Colorado last week, we spent an afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park. Visiting the park during winter was a first for me as I had previously only been there during the summer. While in the park, I couldn't help but marvel at the amazing scenery and realize how it had transformed during the change of seasons and since the last time I had photographed the park.
While I am much more of a summer girl, it is incredible to see how beauty lies within both the warm and cold seasons and see for your own eyes how this constant world cycle works.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Valentine's Day Line

You may have seen my five million tweets or Instagram pictures about this, but I guess I'm totally going official with it now on the blog. The 2013 Valentine's Day card line is complete! Last year, this card propelled my shop to new levels that I had not expected, so I really wanted to be prepared for Valentine's Day this year. I spent so much time working on these cards and the hard work has paid off! I am so excited to share nine new designs for the upcoming holiday-- some sweet, some funny, and maybe one raunchy. ;) Here's a look at the final line.

I hope you enjoy the new line of cards as much as I do! And of course all of my other Valentine's Day designs are still available in the shop!

Now that you've seen the full 2013 line, which is your favorite?

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