Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sponsor in January

I'm a bit late with this, but I won't apologize (see goal number one). Over the past year my blog has grown and I'd love to share some of the love. If you'd like to sponsor me for the month of January, I would love to have you! Ads come in two sizes and are super, ridiculously affordable because I know how expensive advertising can get when you're sponsoring multiple blogs. If you'd like to join me this month, head over to my sponsor page for all of the details and on my end I'll do my best to promote my butt off on your behalf! :)


  1. I am your newest follower :) I love your blog! I actually found your adorably cute etsy shop and ended up here. I would love to sponsor you in the near future!

  2. I just found your blog and have read a few posts and love it! And I think your card designs are fabulous - how amazing it would be to do something you loved, be creative, and support yourself without having to 'work for the man'. I'm jealous (!) and wish you the best of luck in making this a reality. I'm heading over to your shop now to make a purchase... ;)


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