Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'll Follow That With Something Awesome

You know what guys? You all are pretty awesome. You know how to make a girl blush with your lovely comments on yesterday's post despite my crazy faces (I especially like the eyes squinted shut face). So thank you, thank you! I personally would struggle leaving such lovely comments for a person that makes crazy faces.

Case in point. This happens to be my super bored and overly zoned out during lunch face. Also known as my, why is my lunch only 25 minutes long face. I feel like I've got a new blog post idea here. Tomorrow will be the screaming at kids when they can't find their assignment face. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

So moving on to bigger and better things. And that's what I'm listening to these days. (Crap. I probably just lost a few of you now. Eh, why am I kidding myself? I probably lost you after that zoned out face photo.) You see, Andrew did well this Christmas in the music department as he usually does. He gave me not one, not two, not three, but four new albums for my own enjoyment.  All albums were ones that I had wanted. He only forgot one, which we later went to pick up at the record store this past Friday night.

I know in this day and age I should be listening to everything on my iPod, iPhone, Spotify, computer, or whatever electronic device you can name, but I'm a music nerd that actually needs the album. I'd been listening to several of these albums on Spotify and 1) I felt like I was ripping off the artist and felt so guilty I couldn't sleep at night and 2) I need liner notes. Need them.

Either way, here are some of the songs that have been getting a lot of play from each of the albums I've been listening to lately. Hope you enjoy as a little Tuesday pick me up! :)

What have you been listening to lately?


  1. I LOVE liner notes. I have been downloading a lot of my music on Itunes, but I've been wanting to purchase CDs for my car. I'll be leaving this page open so I can listen to the playlist when I get home! I haven't listened to Silversun Pickups in aaaages. :)

  2. I always love a playlist and making faces :) Happy Tuesday!


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