Monday, January 21, 2013

My Style: Spring in January

Top - Gap // Cardigan - Express // Jean - Worn // Scarf - Gift // Shoes - Nine West // Bag - Steve Madden

It's hard not to want to do a little dance when the sun is out and it is 60 degrees.... in January. Something about this weather made us want to do it all this weekend. And we most certainly did do it all. The weekend was made complete with a date night on Friday, a Home Depot run, watching the Syracuse basketball game with a friend on Saturday, a trip to the architectural salvage yard, some "spring" cleaning, homemade pizza, and of course Downton Abbey. Not to mention all of the other odds and ends that we were able to sneak in somehow or other. I'm telling you, spring-like temperatures in the middle of January are practically like a whole new lease on life.

Anyone else able to enjoy a beautiful weekend like us? What did you get accomplished this weekend?

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  1. I'm live in San Diego and we are having gorgeous weather right now in January...mid 70s here!!! Glad you are enjoying the nice weather too! I love Baltimore, I've only been there a couple of times but enjoyed it very much! My husband went to college at JHU back in the late 1990s and he lived in a neat brick row home. I wish we had old rowhouses like that here in San Diego!

    Jessica ... Come stop by sometime :) Thanks!

  2. I want you to bring your weather up here! It's so cold up here and it's going to get worse. I am very jealous of your 60 degrees. I do, however, love your bag. :)

  3. This bridge is awesome! Love this casual but cute outfit...right down my alley!

  4. This has been a fairly warm weather here in Charlottesville. I love the top and the mustard bag!

  5. This is very pretty! I especially like the red detail on your pants cuff and scarves are awesome anytime.

  6. we had a lovely weekend here and i was super productive by going to the GROCERY STORE (UUUGGGHHH) but now it's snowing. looooooooove those shoes, heidi!

  7. Architectural salvage yard, you say? I hope you do a post about that! Did you get anything?

    It's been cold here. Like, 10 degrees cold. Definitely no outfit posts for me lately! You look cute here. I love the blouse!

  8. We had great temps last weekend too!
    Love your bright shirt and cute shoes :)

  9. We have snow in the UK! definitely fluffy boot weather for us :(
    Your blog is inspiring, as are your beautiful cards :) - I'm new to blogging, please stop by and say hi :)


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