Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Classy TV

We don't watch a lot of tv, but when we do, we like to class it up a bit. No, I'm not talking about Downton Abbey (yes, we do watch that too, and yes, it's totally classy). I'm talking about Moonshiners. Seriously. There is nothing that says classy better than reality tv shows that require subtitles in order for the viewers to understand English.

For those of you that aren't in the know, Moonshiners is only one of the best shows out there. It encompasses all sorts of things that are right down our alley. We like to home brew, they make moonshine (ok, maybe one is legal and the other isn't). We love a good laugh, the show is pretty funny. We're a bit obsessed with history related stuff, and there's plenty of that too.

The general premise of the show is that it follows a few Appalachian moonshiners in their attempts to make moonshine. At the same time, the show follows the local police authorities in their attempts to catch moonshiners. Ah, good stuff!

Here's a little glimpse of my favorite characters Jim Tom and Tickle.

I mean, how can you not like a guy with that sort of name? And the box of crap part? Andrew and I died. Died! We almost fell off the couch from laughing.

Do you have any guilty pleasure tv shows?


  1. Downton Abbey is my guilty pleasure tv show. I don't watch too much TV. I tend to stick to movies on Netflix. (it's a huge addiction)

  2. We are the worst offenders of terrible (I mean classy) TV. My parents get a kick out of Moonshiners and Amish Mafia. I used to be pretty addicted to the Real Housewives and Teen Mom (eek). I don't have much time for TV now, so I've had to reign in a lot of my trashy TV viewing.

  3. Ha! Moonshiners is hysterical. I've only seen it a couple of times, but that's because I laugh so hard I can't get any work done. I have to limit myself.

    I do watch my fair share of classy shows, though, most notably Teen Mom (and also Teen Mom 2) and the Real Housewives franchise.

  4. I recently found out that my great grandpa was a moonshiner back in the day!
    My brother-in-law loves this show. I'll have to get him to record it for us :)

  5. haha. This is why I love ya! Dan and I watch this show religiously!!


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