Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Had An Awesome Post Idea And Failed

Some days I just can't do it all. Those are the days where I have about five million card orders and my grades are due for second semester all at the same time. So then I stay up ridiculously late making cards and grading tests and all of that awesome stuff. Either way, blog posts become less important. So even if I have written on my calendar "Design Inspiration: Super Awesome Packaging Concepts" and have everything together for the post, I still decide to say screw that!

And then because I'm a creative genius, I decide to show off my awesome shoes that I got at the Nine West outlet over the weekend. Yes, not one pair, but four pairs. I have a problem and I'm not afraid to admit it.

That's only three of them. The other pair is like the second one shown, but silver instead. How Andrew let me buy two pairs of the same shoes, but in different colors I just don't know. I think I told him something like, "You know how you have five of the same Old Navy t-shirts, but they're all in different colors? You have to have a bunch of different colors because that t-shirt is so comfortable." I think he then stared at his phone and nodded. Seriously, why hasn't Nine West started giving me pairs of shoes to review on this blog? I feel like I've reached VIP status with them and I'm not getting any love. (Kidding, kidding. Or maybe not.)

Worst of all, I thought admitting that you have a problem was the first step to recovery. Meanwhile, I've admitted my shoe problem many a time before and I am not anywhere close to being on my way to recovery, or even willing to be on that road for that matter.

Then after I tell you for the five millionth time about my shoe addiction, I have to think of other ways to waste your time and entertain you all at once. That's when BuzzFeed helps me out because they came up with this little gem.

I thought those were funny too. Especially numbers eight and sixteen. I mean, I think I'm pretty funny, don't you? ;)

Also, now that I've sent you off to some link in cyber world, now would be a good time to send you to an awesome giveaway that you should enter. I'm pretty sure you like winning stuff. Doesn't everyone?

And just when you thought this post was finally over....

Ok, just kidding. That really was it. And now you know how things go down when I say screw it to cool design inspiration posts. Not good my friends. Not good at all.

How is everyone else doing these days out in blog land? Anyone else feeling super busy or stretched thin these days?


  1. I saw the buzzfeed article! Congrats. I'm sure that helps with sales a lot. Since school is officially over for me my life has been completely relaxed thankfully. Up until recently I was either working 2 jobs or going to school part time and working full time. I'm currently only working full time and focusing on my etsy shop. Life is much better now. Although if you really want a laugh check out my blog post for the day. Good Luck with getting everything done!

  2. yes, super busy and stretched thin....glad I got a break over Christmas! Your new shoes are super cute. My husband will never understand my need for so many pairs of shoes.

  3. You crack me up with the shoe defense AND I'm totally using that with the hubs. ;)

  4. I know how you feel! Blogging is the first thing I drop when I'm busy, too. This is actually a slower time of year for me, but in a couple of months I'll be in the thick of it again wondering when the hell scientists are going to get cloning figured out.

  5. those are all great shoes! but I kinda want to see the silver ones too ;-)
    good luck getting all your orders and grading done! but I'm sure it's exciting to have so many orders!!!

  6. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes! :) You got some cute ones.

  7. found you via Mish and am SO GLAD I did. (a) you're near me! like, geographically. not creepily. (b) you're funny. (c) I also love Nine West. but I haven't yet figured out how to explain to Jon that I NEED more than one (pair of shoes / dress / sweater / whatever) of the same style in different colors. he just doesn't get it.

    anyway, hello!


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