Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music: Love Songs

This week's music picks have to be love songs. I mean, today is Valentine's Day so I don't think I could have had it any other way. Despite the fact that I tend to not be overly sappy about this holiday (or love songs for this matter) I thought it'd be a fun theme for a music linkup party. And surprisingly, I found it a lot more difficult than I thought I would. Here are my picks.

I Believe - Stevie Wonder

Seriously can't get enough of this song. I got hooked on it because of the film High Fidelity, one of my top favorite movies (and books!). The film ends with this song and it plays into the credits as well. And yes, I had to include that clip as well.

Your Song - Elton John

A bit of a sad one...

The Scientist - Coldplay

A classic...

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

Less conventional...

Daniella - John Butler Trio

Even my favorite band, Midnight Oil, has a love song?

Shakers and Movers - Midnight Oil

And just for good measure because Stevie is a total love song master...

What are your favorite love songs? Grab a button and link up with me! Be sure to include the direct URL for the blogpost, not your blog home page! I'd love to see what love songs you're listening to this Valentine's Day.

Row House 14 Music Linkup Party


  1. Etta James "At Last" that's one of my favorites! I am your newest follower from the blogging buddies team!

  2. Totally agree with you about "Your Song." That's one of my all-time favorites overall, not just in the love category.

    This is totally embarrassing and weird, but our song is "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller. When we were dating in college, we were at the radio station a lot and we just kept hearing that song while we were there. So we took it as a sign from the universe, and it became our song. In retrospect, I kind of wish we'd picked something with better lyrics. Oh well! :-)

  3. Ok, cracking up at Paige's comment! I LOVE High Fidelity. Probably in my top 5 movies of all time LOL, and I like the book too. Fun theme this week! What's next week??

  4. Love me some Stevie Wonder and Coldplay. I kinda love the Love Actually soundtrack too :D


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