Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites

I took last Friday off from blogging with the holiday weekend in mind, but I've collected quite a few things that I've been wanting to share with you all. After a busy week, rounding up a few of my favorites seems like a good way to wind down.

This recycled mail notebook is pretty fantastic. Not only is it completely made with recycled mail, but it also gets shipped to you as if it is the package! I want someone to send me one of these! Seriously!
via badbooks
I really like everything about this iPhone case.
via afterimages
 Sticking with the triangle trend, I just may have to buy these fun little earrings.
via TheiaDesigns
It'd be nice if this screen printed shirt found its way into my closet.
via Depeapa
I've been on the lookout for new pillows recently and this one really popped out at me.
via Geometric Electric
And of course, I will also leave you with some good links. Some of them are from last week, but I had to save them to share!

This blog post about caring for the introvert in your life is pretty much spot on!

Sometimes the overly happy posts with pictures of wildflowers and beaches just start to get old. This is a good reminder to just do whatever you want to do.

As we all know, the average woman does not look like Barbie, but if we made a "Normal" Barbie using that average, she would actually be really beautiful.

And for the Sharpie addict in all of us, I am slightly obsessed with these pens. The colors are pretty much awesome and they write fabulously.

Anyone have any super plans for the weekend? I'm going to go drink wine. Well, not right now this very second, but there will be wine involved.


  1. Heidi, you officially have triangle fever. (Of course, I might have it, too since I like everything you picked.)

    Nice link about the "normal" Barbie, too. I remember reading somewhere that if the current version of Barbie were a real person, she'd have to crawl on all fours because her proportions are too out of whack for her walk normally.

  2. Great list. Love the one about caring for the introvert. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Those triangle earrings are pretty perfect.


    also, that Barbie thing is really interesting - I'm going to have to watch it again in the morning.


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