Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Design a Day Challenge: Day 8

I've been absolutely obsessed with the color combination aqua, yellow, and gray. Seriously, in case you didn't know just how obsessed I am with these wonderful hues, I even made this treasury today on Etsy:

So as you can see-- I love, love, LOVE these colors!

For today's design, I went with aqua, yellow, and gray (go figure!) and made a simple yet contemporary save the date.

I'm a simple kind of person-- I don't like too much frill. So this design seems to exemplify just that. Simple yet contemporary. No frills, just perfectly simple!


  1. Ya your treasury kind of made me swoon. Love those colors

  2. Such a beautiful treasury, I need to give this colour combo a try!

    And I adore your simple pared back style, it's so hard to know when to stop/what to leave out - I wish I was better at it!


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