Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gold On The Ceiling

I first heard The Black Keys in 2006 while working at a coffeehouse in Syracuse. A girl that I worked with had a burned copy of their debut album The Big Come Up. The album was raw garage rock-- a totally different direction than most of the music trends happening at the time. Everything I was listening to seemed overproduced and to hear something so raw, taking it back to the nitty gritty of rock and roll, was refreshing.

In the next six years, The Black Keys began to emerge slowly from their cult following, underground fan base, to what they are doing now-- playing large venues and touring internationally. However, through the entire experience, the duo seem relatively humbled and unsure how to deal with it all. And I think I'm pretty much ok with that. There are just too many musicians that let fame get to them. Either way, my current favorite off of their latest album El Camino is one that just simply wont' get out of my head.

Are you a fan of The Black Keys? What have you been listening to lately?


  1. We're BIG fans over here! I'm not sure if you watch a lot of food TV, but did you see them on No Reservations? They seem like cool dudes.

  2. I recently discovered them... My brother-in-law got their CD for Christmas and my husband said he liked them too... For a while I thought they were the BLUE keys lol. Now they pop up on our Pandora station when we listen to it!

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