Saturday, October 13, 2012


You may or may not remember my little feature of StarSeventeen, my sister's Etsy shop. Recently, my sister asked me to work on a branding concept for her shop. I was super excited to do this because it is something I've been interested in dabbling in for a while. And of course I was super excited to be helping out my sister! She is an extremely talented artist, so for her to ask me to design something for her was quite the task.

Her art focus of choice these days happen to be painted hats such as these.

She wanted a logo that represented both her signature "portal design" (as you see in this hat) as well as an urban retro feel. The end result?

In addition to the logo, I created a banner for her facebook page and her Etsy shop. My last job was to make post cards, merchandise tags, and business cards for her as well. Everything turned out just as I had envisioned and my sister was by far the easiest client I have ever worked with. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we have ESP. And by ESP, I mean, that I'm familiar enough with her art that I could run with the suggestions she gave me.

Anyway, be on the look out for lots of new super awesome stuff in my sister's shop that goes beyond just the hats! She also just started up a new blog, so feel free to show her some love there as well! And to any of you looking for some design work, I may or may not be just a little happy if you ask me work on a new logo for you. ;)

Any new projects or concepts that you've been working on lately?


  1. That is a super design and easy to follow through with - in all your sister's needs.

    You suggest you might be interested in future design projects: how are you with pattern designs, particularly soft toys? I'm fine once I have a pattern (and relevant pieces) to work with: but completely hopeless without. There seem to be designers aplenty for fashion items: precious little for soft toys!

    Please call round at my blog -, where you can see what I try to do, as well as some of the results in my shop (

    If you are not keen: do you know anyone who might be?

    Meanwhile, with Christmas coming up, never mind birthdays, am always happy to provide Cuddlies for family children (and adults too! I often suspect many of my products actually end up with them!)

  2. You did an excellent job with the design! Not only is the logo beyond awesome, but the hat is WAY cool!!! Love it.
    from Blogging Buddies

  3. It's perfect! Definitely captures the right mood.

    I've taken out some ads on a few new blogs, and for me, making that damn button ad is like a project all by itself. Graphic design isn't my best area, haha.


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