Friday, January 6, 2012

All in the Family with StarSeventeen

I'm pretty sure that art runs in the family. My dad's art is building guitars. My mom's is baking bread and making woodblock prints. My sister's is hats. Yup. Hats. Well, that's not entirely true because she's pretty amazing with all sorts of media-- painting, drawing, knitting, collage-ing, jewelry-making, card-making, sewing, and probably a bunch of other things that I can't even remember anymore. So to say just hats would be silly when she's spent her entire life doing art of one sort or another.

Her latest focus, however, is her Etsy shop StarSeventeen. She especially loves creating geometric designs. And she paints her geometric designs on hats. I love the originality of this particular art and the fact that no two hats are alike.

And if that's not enough hats for you, I'm pretty sure she rocks at making knitted hats too.  I can fully attest to that one considering that both mine and Andrew's favorite winter hats are ones that she knitted us for Christmas a few years ago. A few of those for eye candy as well...

And we even share an obsession with Sharpie markers...

She sells her hats on Etsy in her shop StarSeventeen. And you can check her out on Facebook as well. In the future, she's hoping to focus mostly on her geometric designs, expanding to poster prints, and even clothing. Lots to look forward to in the future! Show her some love and head over to her shop and facebook page to favorite and like her!


  1. Great stuff! No question, you come from a very talented family Heidi! And I also have a Sharpie obsession...I just saw they have this 80's color set out right now and it was all I could do not to splurge!

  2. I love the hats!!! And I think it's awesome that you share (besides art) an obsession with Sharpies. =)
    I had to come and check out this post, because I had missed it before.

    from Blogging Buddies


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