Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music: From the Year I Was Born

I'm super excited to be starting a new linkup party featuring music. Many of you know how much I love music, so I wanted to create a way to share what I've been listening to and also to get music suggestions in return from all of you! So if you'd like feel free to check out the linkup party info at the end of the post and join in the fun.

Lately, while on Facebook, I noticed people posting about the song that was a number one hit on the day they were born. It got me to thinking about what the music scene was like in the year I was born and whether or not I'd be ok with what was happening. I was struck with a horrifying feeling that maybe 1983, my birth year, was the crappiest music year of all. That (for a self-proclaimed pretentious music snob like me) would have been one of the worst things to happen to me this week. (Yes, I'm being realistic here with my time frame as there are probably a lot worse things that have happened to me or anyone else within the year or within my lifetime.)

So I set out on a scouring of the internet to see just what I could come up with that would ease me of my horrible feeling in my gut. The number one song on my day of birth was less than pleasing being Michael Sembello's Maniac from Flashdance. However in terms of popular songs in 1983, my findings put me at ease and were literally music to my ears.

Every Breathe You Take - The Police

Africa - Toto

Rock the Casbah - The Clash

Stand Back - Stevie Nicks

What are some of your favorite hits from the year you were born? Join the music link party and tell me what you've been listening to! Grab the button or include a link back to this post to let your readers know who all is linked up so we can share some music. Also, be sure to link to your blog post for the day rather than to your main blog page. Don't forget to get ready for next week's music linkup party. The theme will be favorite winter songs, since we are now well into winter! Happy listening!

Row House 14 Music Linkup Party


  1. You got Africa- no fair!!! This was fun! I actually had no idea what songs were from my year!

  2. You have some awesome songs for your birth year!
    I was born in 84 and I was pretty pleased with mine as well. Sunglasses at night was one of the song. Haha, Sweet!

  3. I'm dying over here. I was born in 85, and "Say You, Say Me" by the delightful Lionel Richie was #1 on my birthday. It's so fitting, because sometimes Hubsey and I quote his songs to each other William Shatner-style.


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