Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sponsor in March

It's hard to believe that February is already almost over! Each year it flies by so quickly! If you're looking to grow your blog or business, I'd love to have you sponsor this month! I've made a few changes to my ads that I think will help increase exposure. I'm offering a limited number of large feature ads that will have an opportunity for a giveaway and individual feature. In addition, I have a small ad option which includes a group giveaway option. Giveaways always seem to drive the most amount of traffic, so this is an affordable ad option with a chance for extra exposure. Both options come with lots of social media love as well. Feel free to head over to my sponsor page for more info! As always, all of the ad revenue goes right back into sponsoring other blogs which in turn brings more traffic back to you full circle. I'm looking forward to another awesome month on my blog and hope that you'll join me! :)

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