Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I have to say that I'm a pretty lucky girl this month because I have some pretty amazing sponsors. I had big plans for my blog this month, but in the beginning week, I fell short due to lack of time. There just really weren't enough hours in the day to get anything done. One of those people that has joined me this month is Gayle.
I'm pretty sure that after one look at Gayle's blog I was an instant reader. Maybe it was the fact that her cat is just pretty much awesome (yeah, I'm becoming more and more of a cat lady over here) or maybe it's just that she seems so true to herself when she writes. I mean, it takes guts to write from the heart-- that's courage and determination that I definitely admire. I do hope you wander over and get to meet her!

But today Gayle is saving my butt from another day that I ran out of time and she's put together the perfect gift guide for that lovely little holiday just two days away. Trust me, I know that some of you haven't figured out what you're going to get your favorite people for this Valentine's Day. I know because you're not alone while others are still scrambling to get their Valentine's Day card orders in to my shop (cross your fingers that they make it there on time!). So I'll be leaving you all in very good hands with Gayle and her spectacular gift guide!


Well, Valentine's Day is upon us!  Again!  Are you ready?  Are you scrambling to figure out what to give your honey?

What about your best friend?
Or your mom?
Second cousin?
Or . . . yourself?!

What, you don't give Valentine's Day presents to everyone you know?  Oh.  Well, you should!  And, I'm here to help!

Hi y'all, I'm Gayle, and I blog over at Grace for Gayle.  I'm so excited that Heidi asked me to come over and tell y'all about some of the V-Day gifts I'm either coveting, or really wish I had a reason to buy!  {Sans sweetie this year, I am.}  But, I love online shopping, I love giving gifts, I love finding fun and funky new things, and I love spending other people's money!  {Yours!}

So, I've put together a fun list of just a few items that should help get you through yet another Valentine's Day!

{Catch My Heart and Together in Love pillowcases}
V-Day falls on a Thursday this year, which is sorta unfortunate.  It would be the best thing ever to lie in bed with your hubby {or wifey, depending on who is reading} allllll morning long, and these pillows are the perfect thing to accompany you!  I'm not usually one for printed sheets and such, but these are soooo adorable, and totally worth putting on your bed for just one day!

{Desk Daisy Paperclip Holder}
Who doesn't love getting flowers?  How about a pretty flower arrangement?  And flowers that won't wilt, don't need water, and are also functional?  Surprise your favorite coworker with some beautiful paperclip flowers for V-Day!

{Ted Baker Wallet}
Okay, let alone that it's red.  Let alone that it's Ted Baker.  But it's red, Ted, and SHINY!  So cute.  If you buy me one, I will be your best friend FOR.EV.ER.  Mmmmmkay?

{Diesel Watch}
This watch is sure to get some attention!  It's probably one of the most unique watches I've seen, that isn't tooooo weird {I have conservative taste}.  I love the detail and lack of detail.  This would be great with a red sweater, oui?

{Custom Stuffed Dog}
Okay.  Wait wait wait wait wait.  Seriously?  This exists?

If you have a dog, don't have a dog, love dogs, or hate dogs . . . Is this not THE cutest and coolest thing you've ever seen?!  This company makes a felt, quality stuffed animal out of a photo of your dog.  There are more examples here, which I highly recommend looking through!  I might have to just go ahead and buy one for myself.  Regardless, stuffed animals obviously go hand in hand with V-Day, so this is perfect!  You might need more lead time, but hey!  You're already ahead for next year!

{Couples 99 Problems Ain't 1}
Are you a cutesy couple?  Or, maybe you know a cutesy couple.  You know, the kind who make you wanna hurl your slushie at them know their secret?  This is for them.

{Relationship Status Sweater}
For you single chickadees out there, like me, hey!  There is no shame in staying home and chowing down on chocolatey-goodness, watching 17 episodes of Law & Order, while snuggling with your cats.  No shame at all.  At least you'll have a relevant shirt!

{Pink Heart Cutout Dress}
MEN:  Go buy this.  For her.  Now.
LADIES:  Slyly leave the website open to this dress.  Or, if he doesn't take hints well, just tell him.  You need this.  The end.

{Pomegranate Whipped Soap}
Does this not look like heaven in a jar?  I mean, it's soap, and looks like ice cream, but this stuff looks uh-mayyyy-zing.  Don't you want to try it?  I do.  This is perfect for the woman who has tried every B&BW product out there, and is kind of tired of the same-ol'-same-ol'.  It just looks FUN!

{Love Bookends}
If there is a lady in your life {mom, sister, bestie, cousin . . . } who loves to read, these are so cute, dontchathink?  Great gift for the book worms in your life!  {As an aside, I think I'm going to stop saying book worm, that phrase has always bothered me.  Can I be a book butterfly?}

{Loaded Question Laptop Case}
This would make a super-cute and fun gift for the teen in your life.  Well, unless . . . do they even know what handwritten notebook paper notes are anymore?  Or would this need to look like a cell phone screen and texting?  I don't even know anymore.  It's still awesome.

{Helen Keller Ring}
I envision this to be a really great gift for you and your man.  It's pretty gender-neutral, as there is only writing on one side of the band.  It's a beautiful quote, that I am sure means a lot to those who are married.
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh.  Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” {Mark 10:7-9}
"All that we love deeply becomes a part us us." -- Helen Keller

{I Chose You - Journal}
If you know someone who loves to write or scrapbook, write poems or print out snapshots, or even draw, this is for them.  You can select from a couple different kinds of paper {line or unlined} inside, so the options are endless.  The sentiment behind it is great, too -- and is guaranteed to be very meaningful, whether given blank or filled in.

{unless it's you, in which case, when I see you I'll say, "Twinsies!"}
This is just flat out funny.  This is an awesome gift for your single friends who have a sense of humor about it!

{The Most Magical Bouquet}
If all else fails, you can always get that "hard to shop for" person on your list a bouquet of stuffed unicorns.
Did you know a herd of unicorns is called a "miracle"?  I'd like to be a mystical creature-namer as my next job, how do I get to do that?!

So, Heidi's readers and friends, that concludes my gift list for you to prepare you for Valentine's Day 2013.  I hope this is helpful!  And with that, Happy Greeting Card Day, thanks for having me!



  1. I love all of these finds. I really love the pillow with the guy fishing. So cute! I already got my gift for my boyfriend for V-Day. It was your card! Hopefully he'll think it's cute. With my luck he'll smirk.

  2. Okay, somebody needs to get me the stuffed unicorns. And my husband is hilariously into rap music, so those Jay-Z t-shirts would be awesome. We would totally wear them, too.

  3. Ha! Those are all fantastic. :D
    I seriously need that couples' pillow for snuggling!


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