Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

I skipped out on yesterday's Blog Every Day in May post because the topic was to write about something you are an expert on. Not really sure where my expertise lies, so I decided to stay away from that one. I don't really consider myself an expert at anything. I'm always learning new things and I just couldn't put a finger on anything in particular.

Today's post is much more simple for me. Writing about things that make me uncomfortable? Easy!

Conflict. I don't do well with it. I get really uncomfortable with people that like to create it or come to me with their conflicts that I am not involved in. It always makes me feel like I'm stuck in the middle which makes we feel weird and icky.

Overly aggressive personalities. Example: a lady at the dog park this past weekend insisted that a family of four leave because their children were underage for the park. Yes, she was in the right and I don't deny that. However, the way she went about it was in such an aggressive tone that it made me totally freak out about the situation. She was super bossy all out of nowhere and used the phrase, "No, you see I INSIST that you leave this park at once." Eeeeeeek. Uncomfortable. Also, the types of people that are so aggressive that you feel you can't do anything, but nod in agreement even if you don't agree-- big time uncomfortable.

Religion. I am not really religious and I don't write about my beliefs on my blog because I know if I were to do so, I would probably be attacked by others for them. On the flip side, it makes me really uncomfortable when people talk about religion as though it is truth and that if you're not believing the same thing, well then, you must be a horrible person. It makes me uncomfortable when people suddenly bust out things about Jesus and God in a way that assumes all must agree with them. It all feels a bit preachy and makes me feel like I am not in an arena where I truly have freedom of religion. The jargon freaks me out the most. I know I once told Andrew, why do you have to call your church trips "mission trips"? Just call them trips where you're helping people out! Calling it a "mission trip" makes it sounds like you're trying to convert people or something. Uggggh. Suuuuuper uncomfortable.

Talking to another introvert. All you introverts out there, have you ever been stuck in a situation where it's just you and another introvert? Eeeeeeeeek! Worst ever! So uncomfortable because neither of you want to start the conversation first or know what to say. Big time uncomfortable! This is the same reason why I often freak out if Andrew does not come with me to social situations. I need an extrovert to help me out!

Dresses. In a day when it seems dresses are the best thing ever (seriously, these days as soon as the weather is nice I'm the only girl not wearing one) I still feel extremely uncomfortable wearing one. I'm always worried that something is going to fly up or fall down. Skirts I can do. Dresses? I own them, but then don't wear them enough to justify having purchased them. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm so tall that finding a short length dress that covers my butt is impossible and finding a maxi dress that covers my ankles is just as impossible. Who knows. They just make me uncomfortable.

What makes you uncomfortable?


  1. Aw.. I just talked about one thing that made me uncomfortable.. but I totally agree with you on conflict.. especially when its between spouses.. um, where's the exit??!

  2. Hmm..this is a hard one. I may do a uncomfortable post next week because it sounds interesting.

    People that over-share make me uncomfortable. I have met a lot of people in this area that over-share details about their life and I'm whoa..didn't need to know about your OB-GYN appt.

    yea.. thats awkward.

  3. the religion thing weirds me out too!

  4. Introverts unite! I am the worst at making small talk. Seriously, you and I can chat up a storm here, and I bet if you put us in a room together we'd be awkward. LOL

  5. I agree about religion. although I use to be very religious so this has been a shock to the family!

  6. I absolutely 100% agree about religion. I grew up going to church on Sundays and never got anything out of it. I was never able to listen or pay attention, never really spoke to me. I use to let that make me feel guilty until I realized it was okay to be spiritual in my own way. I have always found it frustrating that Christians are supposed to be loving and understanding individuals when in reality they can be extremely judge-y and not very understanding. I mean don't even get me started on the whole same sex marriage topic. Just ridiculous!

  7. Haha I know how you feel about a dress! I try to avoid strapless dresses like the plague for that reason and a lot of times I'll throw a pair of capri leggings under a dress if it's particularly windy or I'll be going somewhere where I know I'll be moving around a lot, sitting on the floor (like at baby showers or birthday parties). :) Maybe that will help ya out some.

  8. I'm laughing about the introvert thing. It's so true. If I'm around an outgoing person, I let them kind of steer the conversation and we have a great time. But if I'm around another introvert, it tends to be a much quieter situation. You hit the nail on the head.

  9. I'm right there with ya on all of these things except for the dresses! I feel more comfortable in dress than I do in jeans - I hate jeans! I know, super weird :)

  10. Stopped over from the link up and then I realized I ordered the cutest Mother's and Fathers day cards from you!

  11. I knew you and I would be on the same page on this one! Religion...amen (haha.) I was just talking to D about this the other day..."freedom" of religion. The main reason I don't talk about my beliefs (or lack thereof) is due to that lack of freedom. I would almost certainly get attacked. Sometimes it's the closed-mindedness that comes along with religion...but that's a discussion for another day :)

    Speaking of introverts, I'm starting a book club with some Raleigh friends and the introvert in me is TERRIFIED. And conflict...most definitely uncomfortable.

  12. I feel you on the dress thing.

    Being 6 foot I can't do a short dress with my thunder thighs and maxi dresses that don't hit the ground are sooooooo strange.


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