Friday, August 9, 2013

Vintage Kingsley Hot Foil Press

When I first introduced you to my new line of pencils, I also showed you a glimpse of the hot foil press that I purchased in order to make the pencils. Many of you asked about the machine, so I left that post with a promise of an up close look at the machine. I was able to get the machine on eBay along with all sorts of extras that came with it. I received a nearly mint condition machine that really only has one flaw it's missing its handle. I have remedied that with a screwdriver for the time being, but Andrew said he would make me a handle.

In addition to the machine, I received three sets of type, several additional typeholders, a box full of unused foil, a box full of extra spaces, some press pads (that I hope to use if I print on paper), some miscellaneous paper work for previous orders of foil and spaces, and the original envelope containing a user's guide to the machine. What is most incredible to me, is to see the dates printed on the order forms-- one dating back to July of 1959. One of the boxes is postmarked July 18, 1951. Using that information, it is clear that I have a machine that is at least 62 years old! All of this came at a fraction of the price as what most of these machines tend to be listed at for just the machine alone. I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten such an amazing deal.

This hot foil press has been super exciting to use on many levels. I have learned a new process that is really a lot of fun, hands on work. In addition, each time I use the press I feel as though I'm using a piece of history.

Do you have an vintage finds that you absolutely love?


  1. So cool! I love both the look of the machinery itself and what it makes! My favorite vintage finds in my home include my Art Deco Waterfall dresser drawer with bakelite handles/knobs and my little collection of vintage pencil sharpeners!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Jessica @ The Doily Duck

  2. Very cool! I happened across a Victorian ribbon fluter (crimper) at an estate sale that I love (and misuse!) My favs are my antique store signage stamp sets and a 1950's pink Atlas sewing machine that I got for $5. I use them a LOT! Yay for using old equipment!

  3. I didn't realize so much of the original items came with the machine! How cool! Let's see, I don't really have any vintage crafting or DIY products except for my sewing machine. It doesn't work that well half the time, so it's not exactly a win. :-) I have a lot of vintage jewelry and dishware, though!

  4. wow this machine is so neat - what a great find!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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