Friday, August 30, 2013

Courthouse Wedding

I've been a really bad blogger, but I don't really care. Sometimes the pressures of keeping up with this are more than I feel like dealing with (more on that soon, I hope!) and it's more fun to do other things instead. However, I thought that I should probably share with you all a pretty important event that just happened. This Tuesday, as in three days ago, we got married!

For me, it seems rather silly to make a big deal about it. Andrew and I have been together for about nine years, have owned a house together for three, and have lived together for six. To be honest, the only notable difference in how things are for us post wedding is the fact that we both have wedding bands. Other than that, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say we both feel the same way we did a week ago, a month ago, or even a few years ago. I would assume that's probably a good sign, right?

Either way, we had a short and sweet, ceremony at the Circuit Court of Baltimore City that included the two of us and our good friend Marshall as our witness and photographer. The ceremony itself lasted probably all but three minutes. We waited in the the marriage licensing office prior to heading to the civil marriages room longer that our ceremony took, and I'm quite fine with that!

Highlights from the day included the random congratulations we received from all sorts of people when we came out of the courthouse-- businessmen and addicts alike. Apparently no matter what situation people are currently at in their lives, they still believe in and are happy about love.

After our ceremony, we headed to Fells Point to one of our favorite pubs, Koopers, where we had a few beers and enjoyed some crab dip. Probably about five years ago, Andrew made a fake proposal when we were having dinner at Koopers and not so seriously chatting about the future. I even suggested that I should wear a twisty tie on my ring finger from that moment forward. As we enjoyed our beers, we realized that we had come full circle, sitting at Koopers yet again.

We then went home and took naps. Yup. We're awesome like that. Who doesn't want to take a late afternoon nap in a chair in the living room on their wedding day? After waking up from the nap, we just looked at each other, laughed, and said, "Now what?"

We had late dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen. We dressed back up in our outfits for the day and headed out to dinner after a brief prom-like photo shoot that involved our neighbors and a whole lot of joking and laughing. Then it was off to dinner-- a two and a half hour event that involved some of the most amazing food. Naturally, the night ended with us passing out on our couch and sofa chair in the basement in a complete food coma. Now if that isn't a low-key day, then I don't know what is. And after all is said and done, I can't even fathom how anyone would even want to subject themselves to the stress of planning a bigger event than a courthouse wedding.


  1. Heidi: Congratulations! I love that you made the day what you wanted it to be. You and your husband look VERY happy in the photos (and you are a stunner in that dress!)

    Mr. Hausfrau and I met when we were 18 and got married in a Catholic church when we were 28. It was a small wedding in the afternoon, the we had a high tea (there were g + t's though :)) with a jazz band. The whole thing was done at 6pm...then we got changed into jeans and went out for sushi and beers...on our own!! We are introverts...and didn't wholly feel like such an intimate day should be as public as we actually ended up having it. So, I can relate. You and your husband will have many many happy years ahead of you, sticking to your philosophy...cheers!

  2. Congrats! You both look good together! Lovely dress!

  3. Congratulations! We had a small wedding too, because my family couldn't come to the States so soon. I was still adjusting to life here (had only arrived here 3 weeks before the wedding). I preferred it this way; we kept the day about us and kept expenses to a minimum. We went to an Irish restaurant afterwards, with my husband's family and a couple of friends.

    I love your dress and it looks so nice on you. I also wore a short white dress (from ModCloth) and bright green shoes and sash. I love those pictures so much now, that I'm using one on my About page.

  4. Yay!!! Congrats! I know we had talked before about weddings and you liked the idea of my low-key courthouse wedding. I'm so happy you chose what was best for you! Your dress was lovely. It's a great retro style and reminds me of the Marilyn dress! It sounds like you had a great wedding day. Congratulations and enjoy all of the paperwork you get to do now. LOL

  5. yay!! Congrats on your wedding. I know that you were very happy with the outcome. It really looked like you had a great day.

    To be honest because I don't think I'll get married I never really thought about how I would like my wedding. I do feel the planning of a large wedding would be very overwhelming for me but I would love for my dad to walk me down the aisle. I pretty much want to sew my own wedding dress and have my dad walk me down the aisle. I think I can have that without a huge fuss.

  6. congratulations! you look beautiful!
    -Rachel w k

  7. Congrats! You both have fantastic smiles. :)

  8. oh YAY! this sounds like it was so perfect for you two - I'm glad you got married in a way that made you happy :) congratulations!

  9. Many felicitations to you! The pictures of you two couldn't be more happy inducing. Love those natural and happy smiles of a special day. Enjoy that next-- whatever it may be.

  10. You guys just look so thrilled! And you should be. :-) Congratulations again! It sounded like the perfect day.

  11. Love your simple wedding, and love your sweet pictures and dress :)! Congratulations my friend!

  12. Dear Heidi, Congrats and thank you SO much for posting about your courthouse wedding. My fiancee and I had been planning on doing something very similar for really similar reasons as you and your husband! Reading your blog post gave me the courage to go ahead and do what we really wanted, and also helped me understand what would actually happen in the Baltimore City courthouse (they don't tell you very much when you ask). Your photos helped me visualize what it might be for us! So last Friday (Feb 7th) we got dressed up and went downtown and tied the knot in a super meaningful, completely private ceremony. And we loved it! Thank you again for the inspiration. We are feeling great. All the best to you and your husband and... keep blogging! I love reading about creativity in the lovely Charm City, which is also our home. :)

    1. Gabrielle, I hope you are able to see my reply to your comment. Your story is truly touching! I am so glad that I could somehow be able to ease your mind and give you some gumption to do the same thing. I had never imagined that this post might inspire someone else to do something similar. All the best to you both in many happy years ahead! And yes, I'm trying to continue blogging. Things are finally less hectic for me these days and I hope to start blogging more about Baltimore and the things that I love here as well. :)


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