Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cockatoo Island

When I last wrote about our trip to Australia, I left off with some beautiful photos from Bondi. The following day, we spent some time strolling throughout Sydney. We took the metro into the city and went exploring. In the afternoon, we decided to take a ferry out to Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island is located in Sydney Harbor and has a history as both a convict prison as well as being an old shipyard in which they drafted plans and built ships. The entire island's history was incredibly interesting to learn about and the remnants of the buildings left for some pretty fantastic photo opportunities.

After our day at Cockatoo Island, we headed back to Sydney for some record store shopping so that I could snag a few records that I can't get in the US. We took the metro back to our apartment, took a nap (we were ridiculously tired and the jet lag was catching up big time!), and then got ready for dinner. We headed to Manly, again by ferry, where we had a delicious meal and beer, of course, at a local microbrewery called 4 Pines. The next morning we would leave to fly into a totally different part of the country for a new adventure.


  1. wonderful photos!
    I would love to go to Australia some day.
    Your trip sounds like great fun!

  2. Love, love, love third from the bottom. Did you put that one on Instagram, too? I feel like I've seen it before, so that must have been it. I also like the big voussoirs around the door in fourth from the bottom. (How's that for an obscure design term? Nerd alert!) Cockatoo Island sounds really interesting. I'm weirdly fascinated by places that used to be prisons, haha. Is there any kind of industry left on the island, or is it mainly for tourists now?

  3. So cool. We only got to spend a couple of days in Sydney, but if we ever go back I'm definitely checking this out.


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