Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello from the Studio

I've been in overdrive these past few weeks as the holiday season is upon us. The shop has been busy and I'm preparing for two shows-- one at Fort Meade this coming weekend as well as the Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday on December 14th. In addition, I've still been hard at work launching a few new products here and there and getting my new newsletter in order, so I thought it would be fun to get a little peek into my studio.

My studio is located in our historic Baltimore row house. I get to enjoy lots of natural light coming in from both a large window and a glass paned door that leads off to our second story deck. One wall in the studio is exposed brick, and Andrew put up salvaged wood shelving for storage. It is definitely a space that helps keep the creative juices flowing as well as being tranquil and relaxing.

And of course, arranging to have all of these photos taken was no easy feat. Andrew was my sort of fabulous photographer, which involves many photos being taken when you're not even close to being ready or ok with the fact that he is snapping the shutter. And then, my friends, you end up with this.

After all was said and done, there were obviously many photos that were still salvageable. I was able to use some of them, including a new head shot, to update my Etsy shop About Page, my Twitter profile, and my Instagram profile. In addition, you may see some of these photos pop up in an upcoming feature that I am excited about! It feels good to have a little more cohesiveness across the board when it comes to all of my outlets.

Do you have any photos of you creating in action? I love getting glimpses into the studios of other artists!


  1. After seeing your photos this got me inspired to do my own. Although I can't imagine Ryan being able to take proper pictures of me working. I think they would all come out looking like your last one.

  2. The last photo made me laugh and is all too familiar with trying to get photos of myself. We haven't attempted any photos of me working in my studio yet. I've taken all the ones in my about page and profile, etc., so far by myself. But it's really difficult to use the timer and get a photo of you working, really working, and not just posed haha. So I'll probably need Peter's help at some point.

  3. Oh my god, I'm married to a terrible photographer. He has a lot of other good qualities, but using a camera isn't one of them. He always cuts off part of my head. I don't know how he does it.

    Anyway! These look great! It's a smart idea to have some nice shots of you in the studio because you can use them for anything professional. Andrew did a (mostly) good job!

  4. These photos are great! And that's a big fat NO on pictures of me working lol! I've thought about having some taken but my boyfriend will not to be the one to ask. He doesn't get my "vision" most of the time which is why you don't see too many pictures of myself.

  5. Your studio looks so nice! I also notice you have some lovely pieces of art on the wall behind your sofa :)

  6. It's fun taking a peek inside your studio :) Once my new one is built, I'll be sure to share lots of pics...you don't want any of my terrible mess now!
    Love the last pic...that's exactly what I'd get if I asked my boyfriend to photograph me :)


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