Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Automatically Good Day

I have this weird thing about music. It has to fit the weather, the time of day, my mood. Some people get me with this, some people don't. I have a difference between morning time music and music for other times of day. I actually have special playlists on my iPod that are strictly morning time music. (I also get made fun of for saying "morning time" instead of just "morning.") Some songs just help you off on the right foot and put you in a good mood.

The latest song that has been my go to for morning time music is Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Soothing acoustic guitar and vocals start my morning off perfectly. The lyrics are most definitely uplifting and give me a positive feeling to start off my day. And if I feel like an extra positive boost, I just watch the video-- fantastic!

This is automatically a good day for me. Do you have any songs that help you to start your day off right?


  1. Love, love this song & video. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  2. Really cool song and really cool video. I'm the opposite, a song randomly gets stuck in my head in the morning, and depending on the song is basically how my day is going to go.


  3. I pretty much love every thing they do. Rad video.

  4. You know that really old and annoying "hello" song by martin whatshisname and dragonette?



    That is my morning jam.

  5. Your blog is absolutely adorable! I came across it on accident and it's just too cute not to follow. Keep up the lovely work! Also, that video is great.


  6. Thanks for introducing me to this song Heidi, I've been listening to it every day since reading this post!


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