Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holy Cards, Batman!

It's been a while since I've updated my shop with new card designs. I've had a lot of these cards waiting to be listed for quite some time. I get so lazy and don't want to have to edit photos and write up the listings for my shop. It always seems like such a chore compared to the rest of the things I get to do as part of owning this business. Anyway, here are a look at the new designs. Click through the photos and you'll land at the listing for the card if it's one that you've just got to snag up!

For when you're super duper sorry...

For your secret (or not so secret) crush...

For that awesometastic friend of yours...

An anniversary card...

And the Valentine's Day version too...

This birthday card was originally designed for Andrew's birthday a year ago. I like it enough that I decided to modify it and list it...

And for the long distance relationship or that person you really miss...

Now THAT is a lot of cards! Seven! I clearly felt like being a super productive person. And by felt like, I mean a bee tried to attack me while I was suntanning on my roof deck so I could not longer be lazy and needed something to do indoors. So I decided to take productive to a whole new level and start shooting new photos for some old cards. Here are a couple old, but new listings if that makes any sense. Old cards, new photos-- so they kind of feel new, you know?

I like. You like?

By the way, if you need some cards or stationery, you probably want to order soon. I'm going to be on vacay for a ridiculously long time in the near future. Ridiculously long = 16 days. I'll be putting my shop on vacation mode while I'm gone since I'll also be in the complete sticks at times with no way to communicate. (If I don't return by mid August, someone send help. A bear may have attacked me in the middle of the mountains). Freaking out a little about going on vacation mode since I've heard some bad things about doing that-- like that your shop pretty much falls off the radar and you have to start back from square one. I don't like the sounds of that. Anyone else had to do this before? Did you have problems or were you good to go upon your return?


  1. I have done it. When you are away for long periods of time, you have to do it. I don't think I started again at square all. Whenever I am away and not online, it seems like traffic slows down. I think that's normal.

    The only time i put my shop on vacay mode is when I am going to be gone for more than a week. I have a 3-5 day lead time, so if I am gone for a long weekend, then I don't bother with vacation mode.

  2. All of those cards are awesome!! I was going to pick a fav but I love them all!

  3. love your new cards! and I am afraid of vacation mode... but I think it needs to happen in August... hmmm.

  4. I love all the new cards!!!!

    Also, I've put my shop on vacay mode twice in 2 years.... It's a necessary thing. I put mine on vacay for two weeks in June, and just came off of it last Wednesday morning.

    I definitely don't think you start back at square one. Not at all! So don't be worried about that! It does take some work to get the word out that you're "back", but it's not bad! You'll be just fine!! :)

  5. love the long distance card!! and I've loved your tweets about the roof deck, particularly the helicopter one. haha.

  6. holy cow these are absolutely adorable!!! I'm so glad you put them up! I know what you mean about that being the boring part. I know that I love to create, and I love photography but the sitting down and writing out a listing is probably my least favorite part too... except for paying taxes LOL


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