Monday, July 2, 2012

Pay Back

I'm pretty sure that everyone is in the same boat as me these days when I say that it has been HOT outside. Like over 100 degrees hot. Unfortunately this past weekend was the hottest it has been so far this summer and it was also the same weekend that Andrew's parents were in town to visit. They chose this weekend because the Cleveland Indians were playing the Orioles and as they often do, they'll visit during that series and then we all go to a few of the games. Usually, the end result is lots of fun at Oriole Park and a good weekend. This time, a good weekend was had, but "fun at Oriole Park" may have been more like "sweat your butt off at Oriole Park and feel like you're going to die." (Notice how a lot of things I've been writing about lately talk about how I felt like I was going to die. Hmmm. Maybe I'll stop over-exaggerating one day.)

This was the time I sweat my butt off in 102 degree weather at an Orioles game.

And this was the time I sweat my butt off in 100 degree weather at an Orioles game.

Now let's be real here people. I love baseball. It has probably long been my favorite sport to watch in person. Andrew and I are at Oriole Park practically every week at times during the summer (we might as well buy season tickets at this rate), but I usually don't go to games in which it is so hot that sitting through a baseball game becomes a horrifying experience rather than a relaxing one. Andrew's mom and I were both a little less than thrilled and decided that some pay back was in order.

Here are some thoughts that I had in mind. Andrew has to take me to a super girly movie (barrring Magic Mike-- sorry ladies, but I just haven't jumped on that train), maybe a dinner in a restaurant with the A/C blasting, he could treat me to ice cream or a day of shopping in the nicely air-conditioned mall. There is a nice theme here. All places are cool.

What do you think? What kind of pay back do you think would even out the score of sitting through two ridiculously hot baseball games in one weekend? If I like your idea enough, I'll choose it and post a follow up of the fun that will ensue. ;)

P.S. No harm will come of Andrew in this pay back. He already knows he owes me and was the one that suggested Magic Mike until I shot him down. Sorry ladies, but I just don't really get into male strippers. Just not my thing.


  1. I don't want to see Magic Mike either! It just looks so cheesy and... well, kind of gross.

    Do you like ice skating? That would be nice and chilly! I think ice skating followed by some fancy ice cream would be an excellent peace offering.

  2. I like the way you think. I say go for the ultimate "ice"! ;-)

    I'm all for a good meal in an air conditioned restaurant followed by ice cream.

  3. No for me on Magic Mike, too. I just don't get it. :P

    A nice dinner and ice cream does sound good. And maybe do some shopping just because you can make him.

  4. I vote a nice dinner followed by an uber romantical movie & snacks of your choice. :))

  5. i would say nice dinner (or maybe he cooks you dinner at home) and then watch a chick flick :) or go out for super fancy desserts :)

    excited to be your newest follower!


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