Friday, June 29, 2012

I Am Old: An Ode to a Bum Leg

An unfortunate event occurred recently. I pulled a muscle in my leg. It was in the front of my leg in the thigh, my quad. I don't really know when I did this, but it happened over a month ago. Then I aggravated the situation when I was playing cricket during field day at school. Oh yes, this truly did happen. How do you hurt yourself at a kids' field day? It is shameful to admit.

Let's move this story along by a few weeks. On Wednesday night I went to play softball as I often do in the architecture/contractor league that Andrew's firm plays in. ***Side story for a second. It is unfortunate that nicknames on your softball t-shirt are picked by other people from the firm. It is even more unfortunate that they decided to use The Jersey Shore nickname generator for everyone's nicknames this year. It is completely most unfortunate that my nickname happened to be The Whip and Andrew's happened to be Domesticated.*** Ok. Moving on here people. There is nothing else you need to know from that side story. Now go ahead and laugh at my unfortunate predicament.

Anyway, I was playing softball like I often do. Yes, The Whip just happens to be decent at softball since I played since I was about 6 years old. I had a nice solid hit my first time up to bat and while running to first, I aggravated my quad again. Then I thought it would be a good idea to have three more hits on my next three times at bat and sprint really fast around those bases to score some runs.

Let's just say that by the end of the game, I could barely move my leg and I struggled to get into my car to drive home. Yesterday morning I thought I was going to be fine. I didn't have coursing pain through my leg and knee cap like I did the night before and I could actually bend my leg. Then came the kicker. I needed to buy some toiletries that I was low on and didn't feel like driving to Target. So I went to the Walgreens which I usually never go to. I was trying to find shaving cream. I had to walk all over Walgreens five million times just to find the row that had the damn shaving cream. Who knew shaving cream would be so hard to find!? And in all of that walking, my leg started to hurt really bad again and I thought I was going to die (I like to exaggerate if you didn't notice).

I am old. Yup. I'm facing the music here people. I am 28 years old and I aggravated a pulled muscle by walking around a Walgreens a couple of times. This is a sad, sad story indeed.

I suppose there was really no point to this post other than the fact that I had to share how ridiculous I felt the whole situation was. In fact, this post my be super boring since it doesn't even have any pictures (nursing a bum leg takes too much energy so I didn't feel like finding or taking appropriate pictures). So I applaud you for having gotten this far.

There was one more thing I wanted to let you all know about though as this month of June slowly creeps to an end. I'm still accepting super duper sponsors on my blog for the month of July. And I have a fab deal as well. You can get $3 off any sized ad by using the code JULY when you purchase your ad (and they're already super cheap!). Also, I'm currently accepting swaps like I have in the past so hit me up on email if you'd like to swap! I'm really looking forward to this coming month and would love to have you join my awesome blogging community!


  1. I'm pretty sure 28 is all downhill from here... I pulled a muscle in my lower back earlier this week and while it's getting better... I still can't really bend over.

  2. your leg sounds painful. and walgreens sucks because each of them are laid out completely differently. at least with target you know what you're getting.
    sit on that damn roof deck of yours and drink some damn beer!
    -Rachel w k


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