Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey Hon

It is festival season here in Baltimore. Once summer temperatures begin to make their way into the scene, it seems there is a festival every weekend. This past weekend was no exception. The Hampden neighborhood played host to the annual HonFest. HonFest is an ode to the Baltimore Hon along with beehives, cat-eyed glasses, flamingos, and plenty of pink. Each year there is a Hon contest in which Miss Hon is crowned.

After last year's tainted festival due to controversy in the festival organizer's trademark of the term "Hon," we just couldn't quite make ourselves go to the festival. It just didn't seem right somehow. But after the organizer's restaurant, Cafe Hon, began doing so badly that she turned to Kitchen Nightmare's Gordon Ramsey, she finally gave up the trademark and apologized. Thus, much of Baltimore felt they could once again celebrate HonFest in true fashion. And it was pretty fabulous, hon.


  1. Oh my, I wish I lived there. It looks like so much fun!!!

  2. That looks like a blast to attend!


  3. please explain what the controversy around "hon" was? im missing something! it looks like such a good time, though

  4. Interesting to have a big protest like that! Although, I guess that would be like somebody trying to trademark "boo-ya" around here. Heads would roll.


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