Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sad and Happy Babies

I hardly intended to get some people bent out of shape yesterday when I took an impromptu poll about whether or not this new card I had designed was mean or funny.

You see, sometimes when I need some inspiration, I turn to Andrew to help me brainstorm. It may be quite possible that Andrew plus me equals completely, horrible, off the cuff, un-PC humor. May I remind you of the fart card and how that came about? Ok. See? No further explanation needed.

Well, apparently most of you thought that it was super funny. However, a few of you seemed to think it was a tad offensive. My defense was that the card was actually pretty true. And while I am not a mom, I think that in most cases, I tend to see humor in the reality of our world. What is the point of sugar-coating things? I do not perceive this outlook as negative, but rather realistic. After all, I tend to be a realist rather than a romantic. It is my way of preparing myself for what is to come.

However, I like to please you all, so in order to look on the bright side a bit, I came up with this design.
So everyone was happy then, right? Nope. This new design cause all of those sad baby card lovers to say, "Booooo. Sad baby was better. Why is everyone so offended?"

Boy oh boy. Who knew that a simple card design would be so controversial? I tend to get people's heads to turn. I like to start a good debate, but I was just quite surprised by the feedback that I go from both ends. 

But enough of that. You know what is less controversial than a sad baby vs. happy baby card debate? Some of these wonderful ladies that you should meet! They would love to introduce themselves. And for a little bit of fun, I asked them what their favorite thing is (or was) about summer break.

Hey everyone! My name is Bree, and I blog over at The Thing About Joy! I'd love to get to know you, so be sure and stop by and introduce yourself! xoxo

My favorite thing about summer break... we'll, I am still in school. I got a 2 1/2 week break before summer session started. *sad day* But, its only two classes right now, and the homework load isn't as bad as during a regular semester!! I love being able to sleep in, go to the pool, and do all kinds of crafty things during my summer spare time! I've just gotten started with some mixed media designs and I am having so much fun! Some of my designs will show up soon on my blog, so check it out! Plus, this summer I have become obsessed with Art Journaling! Check out my post on SMASH books! That's only the beginning of my obsession. :)) 

I'm Beth and I blog at Dot in the City. Dot in the City started as an outlet for me to write about the things I do and often about making our 90 year old house into a home.  When I'm not tweeting, blogging or dreaming up how to make our 90 year old house into a home with my husband,  you can find me walking our dog, Milton, reading other blogs or soaking up New England for all its worth.

When I was growing up, my favorite thing about summer break was lunch with my mom. I have the best memories of packing picnics and going to fun places when I was in elementary school. We lived in Colorado for part of that time and I remember going to an overlook to watch air planes/parachutes, panning for "gold" in a river (fool's gold that is) and going on nature hikes. I'm thankful my mom made even boring things like lunch an adventure. 

Hey yall! I'm Cassie and my blog is my little slice of internet heaven! I'm a daughter of God, wife, momma, shop owner & aspiring author! I share our journey through this beautiful crazy life!

As a kid my favorite thing about summer break was sleeping in and no school! :)

Laura, from Our Reflection, is a passionate lifestyle photographer. She is, regrettably, a bit addicted to social media. She has a constant connection with Facebook and Twitter. She loves Starbucks, the colors pink and yellow, mountain biking, foot massages, the piano, her two amazing daughters and admirable husband.

My favorite thing about summer breaks was family vacation-- going camping and to the lake. Great memories. 

I'm Danielle! I first began my blog in April of last year as a way to document the end of my high school years. Now it has evolved to be about all things fashion and beauty related. I love to bake too and am hoping to include some more recipes on the blog soon along with some DIY projects. I am also obsessed with chevron and mint green, which you'll see by my blog design! 

I love having the summer off of school. I love to stay up late every night blogging and then sleep in every morning. I also enjoy doing lunch dates at Panera with my mom and spending the afternoon shopping. The summer keeps me very busy with two part-time jobs and swim lessons, but I LOVE it!
Thanks ladies! It's been real having you! And if you're interested in having one of these fun little posts on my blog in July, you can head over to my sponsor page for all of the details. I still have plenty of medium and small ads available, and I promise that the rates are SUPER affordable. I'd love to have you awesome people! ;)




  1. Babies cry. A lot. Is there a doubt about that?! Keep doin what you do!

  2. I laughed. Its no secret babies cry, it's also no secret that babies are all over the spectrum in the sleep department! Cute cards!! :)

  3. I laughed so hard at the first one. Granted, I don't have any kids either so perhaps the true pain of crying babies isn't known yet. But whatever, I hope somebody gets me that one when I reproduce.

  4. offensive?? really, people are too sensitive! I love both versions.

  5. No controversy here...I think they're both great :) The humorous card for those that get it and the cutesy card for a more traditional touch.
    Great group of to check out their blogs!

  6. Thanks so much for having me today :)

  7. I think they're both good, but the first one is definitely funny :). It looks like you have some great sponsors!

  8. cute them both :)
    Thanks for the sponsor feature, it's a great lineup for sure!


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