Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why They Should Ban Me From Twitter

I was an English teacher. In case I forgot to tell you, they moved me from English to Social Studies because my spelling and grammar was atrocious. Just kidding. I actually love Social Studies to death and had been wanting to teach it for quite some time full time. However, one look at my twitter feed and you might think I had really been telling the truth. I have had some bad ones, I must admit. I partly blame the good old auto-correct.

In all fairness, usually they are common mistakes. My most recent is as follows.

 Ooops. So I wrote "show" instead of "shoe". Or actually, auto-correct made it "show" instead of "shoe".

And then there's this classic--

I think I got more tweets that night than I had in the whole week combined that went a little something like this-- What the hell is "taco Xerox"?!?!?!

Taco Xerox, is obviously supposed to be "taco detox," duh!

Thought it couldn't get any worse than that? Think again, my friends. It is me we are talking about after all. The queen of sticking her foot in her mouth. I'm also good about being able to laugh at myself and make fun of myself in embarrassing situations. It's one of those things I learned to do back in the day when I was a radio dj. You make a flub, you laugh at yourself and make fun of yourself. So without further ado, I present to you, the worst twitter auto-correct typo of my entire life.
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Thankfully Paige could read between the lines and knew that I was actually referring to her "new house." But to be honest, I was embarrassed about this one enough that I banned myself from twitter for the rest of the night.

And in case you feel like having a good laugh at my expense, you can always find me on twitter @rowhouse14.

Am I the only one that is atrocious with this?!

P.S. While thanking Paige last night for a conversation that may or may not involved this post and a few other ideas, I did it again...
 There is no hope... no hope, people.


  1. While eating my breakfast before, I literally started laughing about the Jew house. I almost spitted out my cereal! That was priceless. :P

  2. hahahha, I saw some of these last night! The jew house tweet almost made me lose my tea. XD

  3. I really really hate autocorrect. You should get that t-shirt that says, "Autocorrect is a piece of shut." :) You know my thoughts on the Jew house. I think I actually snorted when I read that.

  4. Hahaha. Reliving all of these is starting my day out on the right foot. :-)

  5. Jew house. OMG.

    My boyfriend texted me this morning. He had is music on in the background and he was using voice text and basically his text included the N-word. Whatever he was listening to in the background made him text it lol. I was a bit shocked.

  6. bahahaha JEW HOUSE!! Yes. That's so amazing. i love it. Autocorrect just makes me so happy sometimes.

  7. Auto correct drives me nuts - I once was trying to type something and my phone spelled out Danzig. Now while I love me some Danzig from time to time, I was NOT trying to type that. Oh the joys of autocorrect - even worse, when you don't catch it.

  8. I saw "Jew House" live that night and burst out laughing. (I can do that... I live in a Jewish House so, there's that.)
    Why would anyone want to ban, from twitter, such a source of awesome? Gotta laugh, just gotta.

  9. Omg these made me laugh! Autocorrect will get ya. Taco Xerox does sound like something amazing though. That should be a thing.
    Also, I was an English major, and I was raised by an English teacher, and I'm frequently embarrassed at my writing and speaking these days. Thankfully, I console myself with the knowledge that few people are actually paying attention to me, so the damage is minimal. ;)

  10. the taco detox xerox is my fave! i don't like auto correct.


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