Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Happy end of Spring Break, guys! Or should I say, sad end of Spring Break? Today is my last day of break. And by last day, I mean that today was supposed to be a professional development day, but I needed a sick day to recoup from a very intense weekend that included the end of a visit with my sister and nephew and taking care of Andrew all Sunday while he was blowing chunks. Seriously, it was a draining last few days. Either way, the rest of the week was absolutely fabulous!

As a rundown, I finished my huge wholesale order for Urban Outfitters. My sister and nephew came to visit. We spent Thursday at the Science Center, which Jasper loved! He liked the dinosaur section the most where he spent a good half hour (at least!) brushing off the dinosaur bones and pretending to play paleontologist.

Friday afternoon, we headed to the aquarium and spent the later portion of the afternoon hanging out at my favorite coffee shop. When Andrew got home from work we spent the rest of the beautiful evening at the park.

Saturday morning, we headed down to DC. We had hoped to see the cherry blossoms blooming since my sister had never seen them before. We thought we would be lucky since many of the cherry blossoms in Baltimore are already in bloom, but alas they were not out yet. However, the weather was absolutely gorgeous-- the perfect day to be out and about on the National Mall where people were flying kites, enjoying, picnics, and Jasper got a chance to run around and play with Andrew.
After spending the day in DC, we headed to my aunt and uncle's house in nearby Hyattsville, Maryland for dinner. Sunday was a low key day hanging out in the house. Jasper loved playing with Lilah.
All around, it was a good week!

What have you been up to this past week? I feel as though I am out of the loop right now!


  1. My vacation ended on Friday and I have been working everyday since. It hasn't been too bad because it was a holiday weekend but I am ready for my next day off which isn't until Thursday.

    I know you noticed my tweet last week about Europe. I have been wanting to share with the blogger world for weeks but we hadn't gotten the tickets yet so it wasn't 'official' but we are officially going to Europe(again) and I'm so excited.

    Hope you are enjoying your last day off.

  2. Last week was my spring break, too! I started painting the built-ins in the basement (white!), we bought the flooring that will go down there next, and I put off all of my homework until today. We went to Indy over the holiday weekend and had a meetup with both sides of the family. It was fabulous and I'm kind of bummed that classes are starting again.

  3. looks like such a lovely break! even if you werent loungin gettin' yer tan onnn :)and Jasper is too cute for words
    -Rachel w k


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