Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Too Many Choices

I have a problem here, people. And when I say I have a problem it only means one of two things. A) I have a serious addiction to something (like shoes) or B) I have a decision that I need to make and good old indecisive me can't make it. I'm not writing about shoes today, so we're going to have to default to letter B on this one.

I've been doing a little spring shopping lately and wanted to add a few more lightweight scarves to my wardrobe. However, I have a problem (as mentioned before) and I can never decide on just one. I claim that this is genetic. My mom and I are Victoria's Secret clothing shoppers. I don't mean the slutty shirts that show off your boobs or midriff. I mean the normal shirts, dresses, pants, etc. Why? They actually fit. They are good for tall people like us. I realized this weekend that I have picked up on a genetically passed down trait. I looked through the VS clothing catalog for an hour over coffee and picked out a few things. Next, I migrated to my laptop and started adding things to my online shopping cart over another cup of coffee. Finally, I looked at my shopping cart and noticed the total amounted to $668 and I gave up.

I mentally talked myself back into this online shopping by telling Andrew that he had to look at everything in my cart. Thirty minutes later and I had whittled my way down to a much, much smaller price tag and a few items for spring including a couple new bathing suits for my summer sun addiction. My indecisive nature made me take FOREVER while online shopping. This is genetic. I promise. If you could ask my dad right now he would probably tell you that he may or may not have to do the same thing I made Andrew do this weekend.

Now. I did a good job. I ordered my shirts and swimsuits from VS. I made it in and out of Gap in record time on Sunday with some great items. I have had a successful spring wardrobe update, except for my scarves. And Andrew? Andrew was no help this time. I think he seriously had overload from the whittling down of VS clothing.

So here goes nothing. I love this beautiful shop Gertie & Baxter. I can choose two scarves. Two is what I am allowed without Andrew probably making a comment. True story.

 1 // 2 // 3

I think I need to at least get number 2 since it's the only one that is pink. However, I am undecided about number 1 or 3-- I love them both. I can't have both though and really two mint scarves is probably impractical.

Which would you choose?


  1. I'm actually digging one best! But it's something about the more simplistic pattern. I'm much more of a neutral girl. Beautiful scarves though!

  2. Amen about Victoria's Secret clothing! I love their basic t-shirts and they hold up really well over time. They barely shrink, unlike every other brand in the world.

    I think I like #1 and #2 the best, with #1 being my overall favorite.

  3. 1 and 2! Love them both. I think you may get tired of the dots after awhile.

  4. I love #3! Maybe you should just buy them all?

    I want a nice pretty Spring scarf now!

  5. I am obsessed with #1 but aqua is my go to color lately. #2 is cute too. Get all three... take out a 2nd mortgage, go nuts! ;)

  6.'s the opposite at our house. I'm an in-and-out shopper and my boyfriend could browse all day. I take a list and he goes Christmas shopping with no ideas at all :)
    I'm lovin' the third scarf.

  7. I always get my bathing suits from VS. Which, now that I think about it, is kind of a gamble since there's no trying on ahead of time. But I usually hit the sale section at the end of season and stock up. I really have never looked too much into their clothing but now I'm curious. Off to check it out now. ;]

  8. I like #1 best, and #2 second-best...something about the polka dots in #3 doesn't sit right with me. :/

  9. That is so hard! I think I like #3 best, but mostly because it's a bit uncommon and I love polka dots :).


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