Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Music Gloom

Today is one of those days. I need music to fit the mood. And the mood? Gloomy. It's March and it is currently 37 degrees outside. I don't know what city I'm living it, but it's not Baltimore. Because Baltimore would be 60 degrees right now.

I tried to play music in my classroom this morning and failed miserably. Everything that I put on was just too much. Overbearing. I just couldn't make a choice that was smart. I started with Gary Clark, Jr. which was a poor choice. It was raucous and loud and made me want to grit my teeth in my half awake stupor. I also had this strange notion to play Justin Timberlake's new single Suit and Tie. I don't even freakin' like Justin Timberlake, nor do I especially like the song. I completely blame SNL for putting that song in my head because it has not come loose from my brain for the past two weeks. Curses. And lastly I tried U2's Joshua Tree. It just was not working.

Then I stumbled upon one of my old Aussie favorites, Missy Higgins. And I suddenly remembered she had a new album out last July that I still hadn't gotten around to adding to my iPod. Downloaded. Boom. It was perfection and this song was just what I needed to break through the fogginess and cold of the day.

Do you have music that helps you get through a gloomy and cold day? Are you experiencing colder than normal temps in your neck of the woods?


  1. ahh..I'm in Charlottesville so not too far from you. It's colder than it should be. It was 70 degrees on Saturday.. such a tease. I usually go to Pandora and put on the Michael Jackson station. His songs always put me in a good mood or Sting..or almost anything from the 80s.

  2. It's been so manic here in Portland lately - it'll be 60 something & sunny one day then the next morning my front porch is covered in ice (found that out the hard way)! I've had a lot of Chuck Ragan playing lately... I just want to sit by a fireplace and wrap myself up in his voice!


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