Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gary Clark, Jr.

If you haven't heard of Gary Clark, Jr. yet, you've been missing out. I was first exposed to Gary Clark, Jr. when we went to the third Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2010. He's even more recently been making a name for himself and by all accounts has to be bringing back the blues for younger generations. Hailing from Austin, Texas, his guitar style is raw and crunchy and his voice is soulful. He offers something new and fresh for the music scene while still sticking to blues roots hints of the likes of even Jimi Hendrix or Robert Johnson. Think I'm talking this guy up too much? Decide for yourself after taking a listen. I'll leave you with two videos today which were my first glimpse of Gary Clark, Jr. at Crossroads.


  1. I've heard of him! Anybody who has/needs two drummers is automatically great. I definitely hear the Hendrix inspiration, too, with his solos.

  2. Wow,he's pretty awesome. The whole time my husband and I were watching the videos; he kept saying he wanted his guitar so bad! hahah

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