Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Bee

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy. But lazy too, if you know what I mean. In other words, I didn't do anything super strenuous or feel rushed around here and there. Sunday was perhaps one of the most productive days I've had in quite a while, so I just had to share with you all of my hard work from the weekend.

And this is only half of what I worked on. I also have a fabulous new line of recipe cards (but I thought I'd save that for a different day) and a hilarious graduation card that I didn't share. Turns out that I made a typo. Yup, even English teachers make mistakes.

Anyone as productive as I was this weekend? Have a fabulous week, and don't forget-- only two more days to enter this giveaway, so be sure to do so if you haven't yet!


  1. I like "Congrats! Nice bling!"

    I had a productive weekend, too. Made some stuff for the wedding expo I have on Sunday and started weeding out some older items from my main shop. I hadn't looked on my last page for a while and there were a couple of rogue things still listed.

  2. I love the congrats nice bling one, so cute!! I actually like them all, so talented!

  3. Really, really love these!

    I nominated you for an award...more details here:

    Rosie xx


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