Friday, March 9, 2012

A Few Things for Friday

1. Yesterday my students participated in a final "Hunger Games" for a cross-curricular unit we based on the novel between Language Arts and Gym. It was basically a glorified version on tag, using flag football flags. Before the games began, students were hugging each other and telling each other that they loved one another as if they were really going to die. They created intense alliances and strategies to help them "stay alive." They told me that they were scared and that they didn't want to "die." Once they games began, some of them truly ran as if they were running for their lives. They plotted with each other about who to "kill" first. They betrayed each other in their alliances. And some had the sole purpose of doing whatever it took to keep a friend "alive." Before the games began, one of my 8th grade students said to me, "Ms. Shenk, I know that this isn't really for real, but it feels like it's real and I don't want to die. And second of all, I need to thank you for the best thing I've ever done in school. It is the most intense thing I have ever experienced." Sigh.....

2. On a less serious note, so glad to know that you all think that this fart card is funny. Makes me feel a whole lot better and made my week to give everyone a good laugh. In case you wondered, I still cackle out loud when I see it.

3. On Monday, Andrew came home from work with a bouquet of roses and lilies and a chocolate and strawberry torte. Little surprises like that every once in a while are nice. :)

4. I'm not one to drink pop that often. Yes, I call it pop. Despite living in Baltimore, my Midwestern roots are my reasoning behind the FACT that it's called pop. No, it's not soda. And definitely no, all pop should not be clumped under the term coke. Ok. Now that we got that one out of the way, I have to admit I've been finding a nice afternoon pick me up in a can of vanilla coke. When I do drink pop, I usually go for the lemon-lime varieties, not being a cola person, but man, that vanilla coke is just perfect. But not for long. Once I drink the final can from that 12 pack, it's back to water in the afternoons since we only buy pop on very rare occasions as a special treat.

Hope you all had a lovely week! What made your day (or week) this week? What little pick me ups have you been craving this week?

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  1. Aww what a sweet surprise! Those flowers look gorgeous!


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