Monday, March 26, 2012

I Finally Admit It

Last Thursday night I busted out a super cute outfit for school that was perfect for the arrival of spring. I pulled out a pair of wedges that I'd been dying to wear again, but was waiting for the right weather and outfit. I got home, kicked off my wedges at the spot where we leave our shoes and enjoyed the rest of my evening.

For the last hour of the night, I decided to be lazy on the couch and watch some tv. As I came up our basement steps and into the living room while heading to bed, there on the living room rug, I saw Lilah sitting with both of my wedges, munching on the back of one of them. Immediately, she knew she was in trouble, and she ran down the basement stairs to her daddy, Andrew, to be consoled. Andrew, realizing what had happened, was not going to have it, and upon Lilah realizing her predicament she went right to her crate for bedtime.

I went upstairs, infuriated, and literally threw my shoes into the closet hoping that maybe the next morning the leather would magically be healed with no sign of a dog's destruction. And then I cried. Yes, I cried over that pair of shoes. And, yes, I finally admit it, this is not the first time I have cried over shoes. I cried the first, second, and third time previously that Lilah destroyed a pair of my shoes. She seems to especially like my shoes. Not Andrew's. Only mine. But she hadn't destroyed either of our shoes, or anything for that matter, for over a year. Thus, I thought I was in the clear.

But there is a happy ending to this sad, sad story. And that happy ending comes in the form of not one, but two new pairs of shoes. And again I must make an admission, that maybe, just maybe Andrew is right in calling me Imelda.

And then I got this super awesome package in the mail at school the other day.

You may have seen my joyous remarks about said package here and here. And now if you're in love with these just as much as I am, you can get yourself a pair (or two) as well. Just click through the photos to get to the shoes (if you're not a big fan of yellow, there are other fun colors as well!).

Any new pairs of shoes you just love these days? The best part of both of these is that they are super comfy! What types of shoes are you shopping for lately?


  1. Obviously Lilah prefers cute shoes. And maybe yours smell better, have you considered that? ;)

  2. When we got Casey she did the same thing, but luckily it was just flip flops, and she never really went to town on them. She'd just pick one up and carry it around and put it somewhere else, but it'd get slobbery and there'd be an occasional tooth mark in the foam. It was always only mine, never the hubs'. But she always liked him better. :)

  3. I would totally cry if a dog chewed up my shoes, too. No shame in that!

    I wore my sandals a lot during this heat wave, but now that it's cooling off again I'm trying to get a few more weeks out of my boots. It's just so hard to let them go every summer.

  4. Love the shoes! And the blog design looks fantastic! We are in the process of redoing our logo and blog as well :) Have an awesome day!


  5. Now those shoes do look comfortable. Don't know how all you ladies manage to walk in those high heels that you are expected to these days! Love the colours too: only problem is that I now don't have dresses to match or wear with them these days! Enjoy them, and keep Lilah away from them!

    Just dropping in from Etsy Blog Forum site - hope you'll visit mine sometime ( where I post about the soft toys I make and then try to sell in my Etsy shop - Hope to see you there sometime soon. Will be following you too!

  6. Ouch. I imagine how infuriating it must have been.
    Came by to see your new design —love it! Very bright, with plenty of room for pictures. :)

  7. SO SAD! But I love love love those pretty yellow ones! Score :)



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