Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Spring

I love spring in Baltimore. Between fall and spring in this city, it is so hard to choose which I like better. Both provide beautifully temperate weather in the 70s, sunshine, and low humidity. When March rolls around, one day will suddenly jump from temperatures in the 40s to temperatures in the 70s and then there is no looking back. It happens just like that. And the best part? We get to enjoy this beautiful weather for about three months before the dog days of summer arrive.

Spring also means time on our roof top deck in the evenings with great views of Patterson Park and the rest of the city.

And it means lots of outdoor time for Lilah. Even she likes to spend time up on the deck where she can sniff out the neighborhood smells and talk to her dog friends down the block.

And along with the time spent on the deck also comes longer walks in the park, grilling on our (now usable!) patio, and general relaxation outdoors. Have you been enjoying beautiful weather like we have in Baltimore? What are some of your favorite activities to do once the weather warms up?


  1. It's been GORGEOUS here, too. I went to Indy this weekend, where it was also spectacular outside. We don't have any outdoor space of our own so no "real" grilling for us, but we like to go for walks, read in the sun, eat ice cream...

  2. It's feeling like spring here in Oklahoma as well! Today we're having our rainy day.
    When it warms up we love to do anything we can to be outside. Lilah is so precious!

  3. You've got a great view! We've been lucky enough to have good weather too - and have been spending so much time outside! A lot of walks and playing tag on the lawn :)


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