Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shibang Designs

Just happened to stumble upon this lovely shop, Shibang Designs, that has beautiful textile pieces in bold vibrant colors. Clutches, iPad sleeves, cosmetic bags, home decor, and other such things all are appliqued with brightly colored flowers that come in some of my favorite hues.

What are some of your Etsy favorites at the moment?


  1. Great shop! I love her white/chartreuse clutch in the shop :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh love this! thanks for sharing. yesterdays post on my blog had four shops I love.

  3. iPad sleeves, you say? I'm getting one of the new ones, and I'm feeling too lazy to make a case for it. I blame the weather.

  4. Wow, her work is stunning! Love the way she 'paints' with felt and thread, gorgeous!

  5. What a lovely shop! I always love discovering new shops/items on Etsy. It amazes me everyday how much talent is out there!!


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