Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music: Multi-Band Musicians

There are a lot of talented guys (and gals) out there that somehow wind up in three million different bands throughout their career because they're that awesome. All this while I sit alone at home with my guitar, band-less. Not that I'm complaining or anything because I'm not cut out for a music careers, but point being, there are a lot of super, crazy, talented musicians out there. So if I had to pick my favorite musician that was successful in multiple bands, I'd have to go with a Kiwi. No, not the fruit, but a New Zealander-- Neil Finn.

You may not know him by name (or maybe you do), but he's the frontman of Crowded House. He's got a great voice that I don't think has aged one bit in a bad way. In fact, Andrew and I went to see Crowded House a couple of summers ago, and Finn's voice was amazingly spot on, not a foul note to be heard. He's an incredibly witty individual as well. In addition to Finn's successes in Crowded House, he was also the frontman, along with his brother Tim, for the band Split Enz. He also enjoyed stint as a duo with Tim and has done well as a soloist too. He also put out one of my favorite live albums of all time, 7 Worlds Collide, in which he collaborates with the likes of Eddie Vedder and others for charity. So now for the fun part. Listen away, my friends!

Weather With You - Crowded House

I Got You - Split Enz

She Will Have Her Way - Neil Finn

And with Tim playing a cover of Hunters and Collectors' Throw Your Arms Around Me. This was during Wave Aid, a music festival benefiting the Boxing Day Tsunami, and I was there! :)

This was a tough post to do, to be honest. Some other favorite multi-band artists of mine include Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia, Dave Grohl, and a few others. But to be honest, I probably listen to Neil Finn the most with Eric Clapton coming in a close second. What are your favorite multi-band musicians? Grab a button and link up below. And don't forget to link via the URL of your post rather than your blog home page! I look forward to your picks!

Row House 14 Music Linkup Party

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  1. And Neil's latest band,Pajama Club too :0)


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