Friday, July 1, 2011

Design a Day Challenge: Day 10

Today's design is more like three designs. I could have hoarded them for the next two days, but figured they're pretty much, kind of, sort of the same thing-- technically. At least, they follow the same design concept. You guys know how much I love simple, so I'm at it again.

Can I just say, there is nothing better than some super bold and fun colors on crisp, clean card stock! Yup-- still addicted to this white linen! In fact, I may just order up some more of it! Nothing like getting a vibrant and clever little greeting card in the mail. If I were you, I'd be snatching these up, but then again I would say that since I designed them, wouldn't I? ;)


  1. Cool cards! I love the funky fonts too, what is the last one?? Or is it colored pencils...? Looks cool!


  2. I totally forgot to get back to you on this! The font is FFF Tusj Bold. You can get it for commercial use from Font Squirrel.


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