Thursday, July 7, 2011

Design a Day Challenge: Day 16

Today I felt like making personalized stationery with lots of bold colors. I couldn't choose which few colors to use, so I made an entire collection of colors.

I was thinking that since these colors are so fun, why not really show them off. I went with a nice bold block of color along with the somewhat retro Lobster Two font. I love the inverted white against the block of color on the j's, p's, q's, f's, etc.

I even made some of the samples with my own name so that I could enjoy them to send off to my friends and family! :)


  1. Those are very cool. I like the drop down turning white, too. They look funky, but still classic.

  2. Oh, I really love these cards!

  3. I think you'll find a little surprise in your "in-box" I bought a set of these!! LOVE!


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