Friday, July 22, 2011

Design a Day Challenge: Day 30

The end is here! Yesterday was my 30th day for my Design a Day Challenge, and don't you worry, I did in fact design something even though I'm not posting it until this morning. We headed out last night to Koopers, a favorite spot for burgers, in Fells Point. Their burgers are so good that they've been voted best in Baltimore. Plus, they even have one of those food trucks that you'll often spot around town serving their burgers. We met up with a friend of a friend that just moved to Baltimore and ended up staying longer than we had thought we were going to (not that it was a bad thing! It was a fun night!) so I didn't get to post my design last night.

So now, for day 30, I stuck with a nature inspired theme of an ocean blue feather and a wood grain patterned note card.

Finally, I paired these simple note cards with matching ocean blue envelopes. I love the simplicity! The downside, drawing things like this in Illustrator makes me desperately want a tablet. I would be so much better off that way! I've been drawing everything with a mouse which is absolutely awful! I have always been pretty good at drawing, but using a mouse is pretty difficult. Why then is this the downside? Well, tablets are ridiculously expensive if you want one that works well. Time to start saving.

In other news, I was accepted on Heartsy, which is like a Groupon for crafts. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to do it-- it's a pretty steep discount, but if a lot of people purchase the vouchers it's a lot of exposure. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


  1. I love love love love this design. You definitely finished with a bang! And congrats on making it the whole month!!
    I personally have no experience with heartsy, but I have not heard positive things about it. Mainly about the insane discount you have to give, which will almost definitely mean you're at a loss :-\


  2. How many vouchers are they asking you to do? If the number isn't too steep maybe you could handle the discount for the extra exposure. Just a thought...

  3. lovely designs, and well done on finishing the challenge...I know from doing mine that it is a challenge!

  4. Rachel-- thanks so much! And I have the same feeling about too much discount!

    Megan-- They want me to do 75-150 vouchers with $9 for $24. My original deal that I submitted was $10 for $21 and 50 vouchers...

    Liz-- thanks so much for the encouragement! I think I'm going to keep going!

  5. Hi Heidi, I'm new to your blog - found you via bloglovin, and what caught my attention was the beeautiful colour scheme you have in your work. I really can't get over how gorgeous they all are. Fantastic work!

  6. I hope that you do because I just started following and have loved looking at the beautiful designs.

    As far as heartsy goes I just found them yesterday. It can really go either way. I bought a voucher and plan on spending more than the voucher.

  7. instead of a tablet, draw your desighns by hand on paper, and get a scanner so you can scan them into the computer. it'd cost less... then again, you wouldn't be able to brag that you have a tablet;)


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