Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Design a Day Challenge: Day 28

Is it really day 28? Why, yes! That means I only have two more days to go. I'm thinking I won't stop there, however. There are too many super awesometastic things that I've been coming up with!

Take today's design for example-- a set of stationery perfect for a writer. Four note cards with envelopes and four postcards made out of super heavy weight card stock, all hand cut and hand scored. A set of four pens, accompanied by four different quotes from some of the greatest writers of all time.

I love this set! I mean absolutely LOVE this set! Not only do I love the design and colors, but I love the quality. Some of the best quality card stock and envelopes that I have encountered to be exact. And the best part-- 100% recycled paper and made with wind power. Throw in some wise words by Michener, Hawthorne, Wordsworth, and Renard and the set is complete. These are by far my new favorite! Nothing compares!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! This Design a Day challenge is really working for you! Such a great idea - I love the link between the graphic image of the pen and the flowery font of the quote, great stuff!


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